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The Redskins: Comedy act or football team?


Who are the Redskins?  

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  1. 1. Redskins: Comedy Act or Football Team?

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It sure as hell isn't funny.

And it sure isn't football.



More like a middle school emo-girl drama.




Pretty much spot on how I feel. I missed my first game in 10 years yesterday willingly. If this season resembled anything close to football or comedy, I would have watched, but its neither. 

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I think the Football team itself is not a comedy act.  I think the organization is a comedy act.  No matter who Dan Snyder brings in things never change.  He is either completely unwillling to hire a real GM and give the man complete control over Football operations, or he is convinced that one day....maybe....we might act of god ourselves into a Super Bowl Championship, and that day in his mind will vindicate every silly thing that he has done since he has owned the team.


I know Dan wants to win, and I believe that he wants that more than anything.  The problem is Dan "the owner" has never been able to seperate himself from Dan "the fan." 

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Not for me brother. I don't want to just beat the turds. I want it all. And man it hurts not having that.

Agreed. Beating Dallass is always great, but I could lose to the Vowboys twice if it meant another Lombardi. I don't understand some fans number one priority of beating the Cowboys. Winning a championship is.

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