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Mike Shanahan Press Conference: "I haven't made a decision on the starting QB **UPDATE** per John Keim: Cousins will start


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So the Red Lobster is saying that he hasn't made a decision about the starting QB for the Atlanta game. Mike claims that he's worried about "RGIII getting hurt" and "playing on turf".


Then he went on to say that if Kirk starts then Robert is shut down the rest of the year. Odd, I thought a young QB needed all the work he could get.


When asked if this was the advice of Dr. Andrews or the medical staff, Red said "No he's 100% I'm just worried about the beating he's taking."


This is shades of the McNabb/Grossman benching in 2010.


Update 12/11/2013 0930


John Keim @john_keim 35m

Team source confirms NFL AM report that Kirk Cousins will start for the #Redskins against Atlanta Sunday.


Also, it appears RGIII is going to be the 3rd on the QB depth chart. He's going to be inactive for the rest of the season. Grossman will the the #2.


What a circus, this is worse than 2009.

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Shanahan probably got a call from RG3's dad telling him he's getting sacked too much. And the line isn't going to get any better. Griffin can't get rid of the ball at the end of his drop, so might as well keep him safe on the sideline until the offseason. KIRK COUSINS!!

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Kirk starting is the only thing that will interest me in watching these next three games. And it isn't because I hate RG or think KC will be better. It is pure curiosity. I'd be curious to see what KC has to offer given three full weeks. It might be a total disaster worse than it is now. I don't know. But it would make me go from having zero interest in the Atlanta game to mild interest. Again, not because I beleive RG deserves to be "benched" or made a scapegoat. He's healthy right now (supposedly) and we are toast--- I do see the value in making sure he ends the season in one piece while at the same time seeing a little bit what KC has to offer. But yes, if it happens, it will only cause the drama meter to go from a 9.5 to a 10. But at this point, who cares?

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if you're taking out your QB because you're worried about him getting hurt it's time to modify the OL, practice performances bedamned.


Secondly I'd rather Kirk not get hurt either.  Put in Rex.  He's closer to the end of his career

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HTTR24-7.com @HTTR24_7 10m

Shanny waiting for Dan to make him play Robert..Soon as he does, Mike will leak a story to Adam Schefter around 10am Sunday morning



RG3, has been benched. Period.”Donovan McNabb II


Ben Standig @BenStandig 16m

So...basically Shanny is daring RG3 to run to Snyder about getting benched and then daring Snyder to do nothing.


Tarik El-Bashir @TarikCSN 19m

Shanahan said the RG3 decision will done "in best interest of the organization." Has talked to Snyder about it. #RedskinsTalk


HTTR24-7.com @HTTR24_7 21m

Mike Shanahan using Robert Griffin III as a hostage in a standoff with Dan Snyder.. $7 million dollar ransom money. UNREAL

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