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No Effort in Special Teams... Hire Singletary?


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I dont know how realistic it would be for such a high profile guy to take a special teams gig, but we need a coach with fire that isnt afraid to put primadonna players in their place and get the most out of them.  The 49ers werent great offensively but their defense was always super tough and seemed to be in way better shape than the other teams theyd go up against.


To me one of the Redskins biggest problems has always been the lack of depth and the huge drop off from starters to the backups, and honestly I'd pay money to see a video of Singletary chewing out people like Fred Davis and Josh Morgan.


If hes completley not available, are there any other coaches that stand out for their firey attitude?  Im talking specifically for special teams so probably be hard pressed to find a big name, but im tired of seeing so little effort and motivation...

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let me rephrase.  players with primadonna atitudes.  Niles Paul said people werent trying and felt like they were above playing special teams.  i assumed he was referring to fred davis and josh morgan, aldrick robinson, etc.  People who arent our top tier guys but who were still relying on to contribute.  so even if they arent the most talented, we need someone who can motivate them and get the most out of the marginal talent they do have through hard work and humble attitude.

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