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Open letter to Dan Snyder - NO JOKE!


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Dear Mr. Snyder,

Please do something to save our QB! We finally have a stud of a QB with Patrick Ramsey. We are very afraid for his well-being and future in the NFL. Please terminate the contract of whomever is in charge of the blocking schemes for the offensive line. If it is a player related issue please do whatever it takes to insure the protection of this fine young man. If it is coach related, I will personally hand them the pink slips if you need me too. Patrick is the next Brett Favre or better! But the way he keeps getting hit is not good and he will end up on pain killers like Brett Favre or worse, his career will be shortened and that would be tragic.

All Redskin fans have waited through QB after QB, year after year and we finally have one we can be proud of. But I am afraid that if this continues then he won't be around to root for and we will be stuck with more QB retreads. Please do what is right and protect our QB at all costs.



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What if the problem is not the schemes, but that the players don't know them and/or not executing them properly? You would need to prove that in your letter to make your argument effective enough for serious consideration - if you really are serious about sending it.

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