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Press Release: Shanny quotes (Thanksgiving Edition)


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November 28, 2013

Redskins Park


Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan


On the injury report:

“Did not participate… [Tight end] Niles Paul did not – still sick. DY [fullback Darrel Young] – hamstring – did not participate. [Tight end] Jordan Reed was limited, but he did pass [his concussion test] and [safety Jose] Gumbs was full with the ankle.


On if he anticipates Reed playing this Sunday:

“If he passes every day, yes.”


On his level of concern with whether or not Paul will be able to play this weekend:

“You never know. He’s sick enough to miss two days, so he’s not feeling well. We’ll just have to wait and see.”


On Paul missing two days of practice:

“He’s sick. He’s not here. He hasn’t come to any meetings. He’s feeling ill. The doctors said he should just get some rest.”


On if there is a chance Young will play this weekend:

“Yeah, I think there’s a chance. I think we’ll have a better idea tomorrow. He tried a couple days ago and he was on the treadmill and got a pretty good workout in. But as he pushed off, he felt a little twinge in there, which isn’t a good sign. I’ll get a better feel tomorrow.”


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I was sure as heck sick of watching Paul get abused on every single block he tried to make mondaay night.

He didn't have a very good night.


Not sure the whole Paul to TE thing was a good idea.  I wasn't particularly in favor of it to begin with.  I thought that if he wasn't good enough to make it at WR or ST outright, they should just have cut him and moved on.  Trying to change a guys position is hard.  If it works, great.  But if it doesn't, you're out of luck, and now he's out of luck because he's looking for a team without really having a position.  

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