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Redskins Remain Grounded, Fall 27-6

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I know there are a lot of people that will disagree with this, but here it goes.... Jon Gruden let the "Coach" out a little bit during the game by saying , IF they (The Skins) go with another coach, it may mean a new direction and the "new coach" may want to go with Cousins as the QB. Even Mike Terico(sp?) said of the offense, "I see this every Saturday in college games."...The point is , if RGIII can't handle a PRO style offense , what the heck are they doing wasting their time? The "injury" excuse is played out, he will NEVER be that guy from last year again,...he's had TWO catastrophic injuries to the same knee. It seems also to me that the team just isn't playing for the guy, there obviously have been comments from within the locker room as we all know. And while simply blaming Shanahan is so convenient, we have to understand that he's at a disadvantage. RGIII just is NOT a "pro" QB,....the "Athleticism" should be a BONUS, not the focal point, the FIRST requirement , in my opinion, is the ARM, the ability to make the throws, read coverages, react to blitzes, get to check downs, etc. He just isn't showing ANY improvement in these things and Shanahan just isn't showing any trust in him by NOT expanding the play calling. I watch his post game pressers and he just isn't saying the "right" things,....."WE" win, "I" lose,.....he's just digging in and becoming more confrontational and defiant,which is just fuel to a flame in the media. YES , he's young, YES, he's just in his second season,YES this happens to young quarterbacks, but I don't see any "maturity". In my opinion, and I HOPE I'M WRONG, I just don't see this getting better, he's bought the hype and now he's confused about why he's not being "celebrated". His words were "character assassination",..then said , "Those are the coaches words not mine"....WHAT? He's deflecting and dodging, he wants to be the "media darling" , and seems to not want to face the "tough", "big boy" questions........I'm afraid that a lot was given up, for a flash in the pan and this is going to set this franchise back for at least the next 5-8 years.

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Mr Robinson - I totally agree.

I've been saying that since preseason. And RGKnee's peformance has only confirmed what I thought would happen. Even the players have no confidence in RG. Why should they? He has two detrimental knee injuries, and is now a huge liability. The offense was changed last year to suit RG. Both the defense and offense stepped up to the plate. This is years preseason, the team in my opinion, was trying to show the organization, we do not need RGKNee to start or be rushed into the game. That him playing will be worrisome right now. It will upset everything we have learned and perfected since last year. The team had confidence, in rotation QBs, with the addition of Pat White. White performed awesome, even executed all the same plays as RG did last year. His arm strength needed more time, but overall, he moved the ball and scored. In the Tampa game he put the Skins into scoring 27 points in just 17 mins of the game. What 4th stringe QB in NFL history even Redskin history has ever tallied his stats, scored all 4 preseason games, come from behind, and started and played an entire game and won? Zero. No one.. Only Pat White. The teams played their hearts out for him. Players do not like worrying about injured team mates performance. White had no injuries and worked well, alternating in and out of the game as QB. The Skins could have easily, started Cousins, and rotated RG and White into the game during quarters, just like they did during the preseason Buf game with Rex and White. I mean, theyve never done that before.. So why test it? Becuse that was Shanny's original game plan, and it was working. Then all that got changed when RGKnee began his media deployment of starting and playing in the Eagles game. He felt threatened by the success of Pat White and how the team was performing without him. So he looked at Snyder to monkey wrench the deal ensuring he would start. And you can bet, RG had Snyder send Pat packing, especially when RGKnee had two horrible games.. Eagles then the next one.

All we need is to do, is bring back White, rotate Cousins, Pat and RG into every game as a scheme, and we are home free, we will start winning. It is not Shanny's issues this is going on.. Its Snyders

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