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One Year Ago Today...


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Everthing today is about the 50 Year Anniversary of President Kennedy's Assassination...


But I woke up this morning and saw my wife laying next to me and I recalled something that happened ONE YEAR AGO TODAY...


I had woken up that day in the room at 5am in the Holiday Inn in dallas, tx and it hit me... Today is the day of the game...I could not go back to sleep... I said my usual prayer to my grandmother to please help the Redskins out in today's game... Then I realized that today is Thanksgiving Day...


After enjoying our Thanksgiving Lunch at a Golden Corral, my wife and I were off to the stadium...


The cowboys held a 3 to 0 lead at the end of the 1st Quarter, then the flood gates opened...


I had never sang Hail To The Redskins in that god awful stadium so much in one game!!!


One of my earliest memories as a Redskins fan was the 2nd Quarter of Super Bowl XXII...


It wasn't quite that amazing because it wasn't the Super Bowl but to me it is something that I will never forget...


Now back to the present, I was drving to work this morning and I called my wife during my drive to vent...  I reminded her of last year and how horrible things went from then to now... God know I love her for hearing me out when I need to talk about this team (my friends and most of my family are dallas fans)


I always remember something that my grandfather told me back in January 1994, the doctor had given my grandmother 6 months to live.  I was crying, my grandfather looked at me and said, "I know you're crying and you're sad but you still have hope.  When you feel that you have lost everything, you haven't, because you will ALWAYS have HOPE..."


I have been frustrated and disapointed with the way things have gone this season but I still cling on to what my grandfather told me that day in January 1994, maybe I will tell him about it this Thanksgiving when my grandfather and I are are rooting for the Raiders when they play dallas...


Being a Redskins fan prepares you for life's ups and downs... Here's to HOPING that in the VERY NEAR future there will be MORE UPS!!!



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I remember that game well, though I wasn't able to watch it the whole way through. We had family over for Thanksgiving, so we didn't watch much football. After the festivities broke up, I turned to the ball game and saw the Redskins were taking care of business.


I was shocked.


The Redskins aren't supposed to beat Dallas on Thanksgiving. That NEVER happens. I'm pretty sure it's in the Constitution.


Soon afterward, though, Dez Bryant caught that touchdown pass and I sunk back into my chair. I always knew I was a jinx on this team, so I went upstairs and listened to the game on WTEM's website. When the, metaphorical, final gun sounded I was as happy as I've ever been as a Redskins fan. I didn't care if we went to the playoffs or not, we *finally* beat Dallas on Thanksgiving Day.

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