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If I was Spurrier, tomorrow I would call a meeting for everyone, players coaches, FO people, trainers..everyone.

I would have a line in the middle of the room, everyone on the opposite side it too me.

I would read the riot act to them, I would personally challenge them if they have the guts and hearts to be winners.Then I would give them a choice, those who want to give 100% to make the playoffs, no matter what, long hours, working on details, draining every ounce of sweat, every minute of the day to trying to win ballgames step across the line. But if you step across that line, and don't give 100 % percent, your ass is bench or gone. Win or lose we do it as a team, a team with heart or don't bother. I would explain I am no longer going to waste my time and effort on players who don't want to give maximum effort. If you don't cross the line, nothing will be said, and other arrangements will be made at the end of the season.

once you cross that line, no more excuse tolerated, no one is off limits, no complaining, no negativity. If we go down we go down fighting.

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Spurrier need to grow a set. I wouldn't reem the entire team, but instead name names of who he doesn't think are putting their all into it. With three losses in a row, we don't have much to lose. Bench players, and go with some of the back up's. You can yell all you want, but when a guy knows he's gonna get paid no matter what he does on the field, it's hard to motivate them. If you make them look like a fool, the player (s) may get it in gear. Again, we don't have much to lose at this point.

Spurrier blows off the hits that Pat is taking every week, and this could ruein his future. Play Johnson a bit, and tell the team you can have Pat back when you want to win, and protect him. Yes, this would take changes in schemes, but that's another subject which is being covered in other threads.

Get some balls Steve, and kick some arse. You have nothing to lose but your job, which looks to be jeopardy anyway

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Originally posted by Chief skin

AW SHUCKS, I don't think Spurrier has that type of mentality

You nailed it on the head. He doesn't.

You want somebody to draw a line.

You have Ramsey and Arrington do it for their sides of the ball........"Listen you Jerks, I need you to NOT false start and to block for me.....give me a chance and we'll win but if you don't.....we can't."

AW Shucks boys....lets just pitch it around and see what happens.

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