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Long term option at QB


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Though I'm pretty confident that Griffin is a far better option, I share this curiosity. I would like to see what a slightly more polished passer could with the current talent level on the team.


I also don't think the gist of the OP is out of bounds. If Griffin isn't great (not just good enough, but great) that trade is going to be horrendous for our team. If we don't get better production than we could have gotten without the trade-up, it's going to be a pretty bad situation.


True but this is what we know about Griffin:


Year 1: Arguably the greatest rookie season of any QB ever. Definite franchise QB/savior, ideal character and leadership qualities constantly displayed and praised


Year 2: Misses entire offseason, rehabilitates from major knee surgery, struggles during the season and is not consistent


And because of that, with what we know, we have 20 posts in every thread calling him out, calling to bench him, questioning his talent, intelligence etc.


I just don't see how people can make that leap based on what we know

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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