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The Wreck of the Washington Redskins

Dan T.

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In lieu of this week's look-a-like thread, and

with apologies to Gordon Lightfoot...



The legend lives on from the Potomac on down
Of the big team some won't call the Redskins

The team, it is said, never gives up for dead
When the skies of November turn gloomy
With 3 wins before and 6 losses more
From the start of a promising season

They headed due north to take stock of their worth

And give Philly a shot of real reason.


The team was the pride of the DMV side
Winning seven at the end of last season

As big comebacks go, it was better than most
With a young crew and captain well seasoned
Repeating that streak and hitting their peak

Was the goal as they set out for Philly

But Sunday played out with a wretched rout

And showed how that pipedream was silly.


At 17-nil the half's whistle was shrill

coach said "Fellas, it's been rough, we need ya"
At 4:30 pm the whole season caved in
He said, "Fellas, it's been good to know ya"
They tried to make ground, being 24 down.
But a team must play well from beginnin's 

So later that night under Linc's stadium lights

Came the wreck of the Washington Redskins.



Does anyone know where the love of God goes
When Rob's throws sail too high by miles?
When Desean and McCoy knife through our D-boys

who catch only the Eagles' wry smiles?
Did the cap really bust us, were we done an injustice?

Or has the game passed by all of our coaches? 

Those questions are left as we stand bereft

And another offseason approaches.


In a musty old bar in Old Town we prayed
as the 4 o'clock games went on unseen.
"Lord help us to cope as we lose all our hope

And tell us why the fates have been so mean."

A savior was born till his ligament torn

Amidst gloom and losing and heartbreak

With the Niners on tap that game will be crap

Maybe the time's come to leaf rake.

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Let's do a look a like thread anyway Dan.


Let's at least have some fun at the other teams' expense.




You've been nailing the look-a-likes lately, Boss. So start one up for the Niners if you're motivated.  You are well qualified.  My heart isn't in it.  Maybe I'll come around later in the week.

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