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Lionel Dalton

Die Hard

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I will NEVER trust the media again. How many times did we read he showed up to the Denver training camp in the best shape of his career?

That man is F-A-T. If that's the best shape he's ever been in... we should've passed on that trade. I was shocked to see how big he is. It's no wonder he isn't getting any playing time.

And here people were trying to defend him as he as getting acclimated to the difference in altitude. Yikes.

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Lional Dalton was a joke out there. He was blown off the line every time they hiked the damn ball.. Even my wife said he sucked!

I do however think that Peppi Zellner is our only pass rush. I keep hearing time and time again how Bruce was putting the pressure but through 7 games and a whole 1 1/2 sacks it says nothing to me.

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