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Help Please - Trying To Identify This Autograph


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Shawn Springs. He was a pretty good corner for us for a couple years. He wore 24. Pretty sure that is it.

Edit: compared this to his autographs on google images, nearly 100% on it being his now.




Count it.




That's cool!

Thank you for your help figuring this out so quickly.

I was worried it would be someone I'd never heard of before. 

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I thought Sam Shade too being that the his 24 looks like 29.

Shawn's a cool dude, my brothers teacher used to date him back in 2004. Shawn was a very nice guy and loved playing for his hometown team. Plus he's a dead ringer for a Wayne Brady lookalike contest.

Every time I think of Wayne Brady I'm reminded of that Chapelle show sketch: "Does Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a ****?"


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