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Redskins Vs Vikings Prediction Thread: Plowing Ahead

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When: Thursday night

Where: Metrodome, Minnesota


A question to ask yourself, or someone else; is this the beginning of a repeat of the 2012 season?

The Redskins come off a huge and very important win against a good Chargers team. It was a physical, emotional battle for over 60 minutes, but a determined running game by Morris proved to be the difference maker, as they squeaked out a 30-24 OT win.


Minnesota comes off a very disappointing loss against Dallas, a game they had well in hand, but as  time was running out, they gave up a TD in the loss.


Griffin looked a little better, but was still making some fundamental errors, but he is finding his legs once again, and the running game of Morris proved to be the stabilizing catalyst needed in the win. The defense played better, there is still issues which involve personnel alignment, but going to more of a press coverage slowed down Rivers & co. enough to give the offense another chance.


Make no bones about it; the Vikings are a much better team than their record indicates; they have one of, if not the best, back in the game. AP is a chore for any team to defend, and alot of their success comes from play action off their running game. Sound familiar?


This game will be hard fought, and down to the wire; look for an unsung hero to step up this week to give the Redskins the edge they need to win this game, which has the makings for quite a few big plays.


In the end, after the horn blows,

Redskins 31

Vikings    23

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I'm always worried when we face a QB with quick legs that can extend plays or pick up yards by himself. 


I'm looking forward to Trent vs Jared Allen. 


All that said, the only Vikings game I watched all year was the Monday Night against the Giants, and they set the game of football back 60 years. 


Redskins 31

Vikings 17

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After what happened yesterday to even think we lose this one would devastate any Redskins fan.  If we run the ball and play action of the Read option we should be just fine.  This is the 2nd game where our D will be playing a below average QB, I just hope we can tackle well (that has been a huge problem for us) because AP will be bringing it.


Redskins 34

Vikings 17

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I don't know guys, this game has me worried. Classic trap game. Minnesota nearly beat Dallas yesterday, they will be at home and still sour. Add to the fact that the game is on Thursday and they have to travel.. 


I think they can (and HAVE to) pull off a win, but it will be brutal. 

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I'm expecting an ugly game. I think it will be tight for a while and I'm hoping we do enough to pull it out late. I'll stay optimistic for 3-4 more days and predict:


Redskins 20

Vikings 16


I think Peterson gains 120+ yards on the ground but we do just enough against their passing game. I'm hoping we can generate a pass rush this game. On offense, I think we'll have our hands full and need to revert to the ground game to stay afloat.


If we figure out a way to win, it will be nice to have 10 days to entertain thoughts of turning the season around.

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I have a sick feeling about this game. We can't seem to get anything going consistently but ewe have won 3 of our last 5.


The Vikes will be pissed after what happened in JerryWorld.


We won't be able to stop AP


Jared Allen WILL get his hands on Robert...A lot.


We are only 1 point favorites which seems strange and they line could move in their direction before gametime.


It will be close Either way but I have Skins by 1.



If we win people will lose it.


If we lose people will lose it.

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Why are some people thinking it will be a breeze? They nearly beat Dallas at home and are a better team than their record indicates. I honestly have no clue who I think will win, it's a toss up. 

This is what I never understand in these threads.  What in the Sam Hill have the Redskins done in the last 20 years to make anyone believe they win games 40-17, unless you are an irrational homer?


I stopped predicting scores last year and won't predict this score, but recent trends with the Redskins are that:


1) It will be a down to the last drive type game.


2) We will play down to a team with a lesser record


3) I'll say at least 100 F-Bombs by halftime

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