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All Saints Day


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Today, we remember the saints.


We remember the martyrs, the trailblazers, the activists, the missionaries, the reformers, the intellectuals and the prodigal sons and daughters. We remember mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters and ancestors who came decades before we were even thought of. We remember ministers, deacons, elders. We remember everyone whose faith in Jesus Christ served as a inspiration for our own and who made this world a better place.


On this day, we remember all the saints.


When I think of all those people who have helped shape my faith, from the apostles to members of my own family, I am in awe of their strength and resolve. I cannot help but feel a great deal of shame for the sin that is still in my life, but I am comforted by the ability to repent.


This Sunday, I will be confirmed in the Episcopal Church. During that service, there's little doubt in my mind that those saints will be on my mind as I am accepted into my new spiritual family.

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