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Why Isn't Anyone Talking About Tom Brady's Mediocre Play?


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^^ He didn't have his top 4 WRs from last year lol Try and be objective dude. Geez. It was amazing they made it this far.

I actually am being objective, and it's actually not amazing they made it this far this year. They were still the 3rd best scoring offense in the league this year and were top 10 in points allowed, only slightly worse in the rankings than the previous year and with an improved rushing attack that was at it's best in December and January, all a recipe for success in the playoffs.

He had more slightly production out of the top 4 WRs on the depth chart this year than he did last year, 2674 yards this year opposed to 2645 last year. the WR Depth was younger and more talented overall. Production fell off a cliff last year after Brandon Lloyd. He was still able to make a 100 catch receiver out of Julian Edelman this year and his rookies outproduced anyone they've drafted in years.

The only thing that hurt him was the incarceration and injuries at the TE Position, and he was still able to get almost 600 yards out of Gronk while he had them. Brady has been able to put up similar production year in and year out with an ever changing cast at the skill positions. This year while he was still a good QB he was similar to the Brady that won titles, which was solid but not spectacular.

He also ended the season similar to the way he started after a hot stretch in the middle, with a string of games you would could apply a "Game Manager" label to. Again, there's nothing wrong with that either. Especially when that's the kind of football that got him his hardware.

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Yes the Pats ignored the memo. Belichick was guilty of arrogance in that, no doubt.


Just like Washington did when they ignored a memo regarding the salary cap and was docked 36 million dollars. That's a little bit larger of a fine that 750k isn't it?

The big difference was that all the contracts we submitted for the 2010 season were approved by both the league and the union. Bellicheat and Kraft got the nice treatment from their buddy Goodell when he ordered the destruction of the tapes (and the laughable ridiculous fines) ! He should have stripped them from at least one Lombardi.

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