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Official Game Thread: Redskins vs. Bills


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So ... Die Hard's at the game. Look for him and his Extremeskins banner down behind the Skins bench toward the end zone.

And Art is off cruising the Carribbean ... or at least his mind has left already. :)

And Blade is a phantom these days. ;)

And Buddha is busy vacuuming the single-wide chat room and still needs to run to the General Store for some Cheese-Wiz.

So ... I'll do it. :)


Game in an hour ... let's do our part.

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I want this win. I need this win. WE NEED THIS WIN BABY!!!!!

I sense a very positive virtual stroking of the force. We shall have a big offensive day.

Hmmmmmmm..........virtual stroking of the force..........hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......................

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In light of the shredding the Lions are suffering at the hands of the Cowboys, we need this game bigtime. Why don't we ever experience the joy of playing a team ready and willing to self-destruct? Makes me sick. The 'GREAT' Dallas Cowboys didn't even have to show up today. Joey Harrington all but gift-wrapped the game for them.....sheesh.

I know it gets tiresome to hear, but I believe a win today is a must if we have any hope of sniffing the playoffs this year.

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Hail to the Redskins.

Hail victory.

Braves on the warpath.

Fight, for old DC.

I'm going through mixed emotions right now. A part of me is nervous that the Skins will play poorly. However, my other part tells me this is the week the Redskins play 4 quarters. Come on Bruce, break the sack record today. Ramsey let's have another 300+ yard passing game. Coles, I want to see a multiple touchdown game today. Win the turnover battle. And most importantly, I want a win from the Redskins.

Hope I'm not getting too emotional guys. I guess I'll get back to my 40's.

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Lets hope for a smartly played game. This isn't like the TB game.....they dont have more talent AND better coaching.

The pre game shows were all hinting that we will change up our protection schemes today. So heres to SOS using some extra blockers and applying some of that coaching genious to create and effective game plan.

Go Skins!!!

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Of any of the games so far, this is the most important due to the circumstances. Dallas looks to beat Detroit, so IF tampa can beat them next week they are what, 5-2. If we beat Buffalo, we are closer to dallas at 4-3 and playing them to tie for first place come week 9. WE NEED THIS WIN!

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