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Nfl.com: Cowboys, Lions, Dolphins Will Play In London In 2014

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So Jerruh's finally got the Girls on the Brit mega money making bandwagon huh? Happy about travelling overseas Dallas fans?


A third game in London in the 2014 season. Sighs. This is here to stay and will eventually go, at the least, to every team giving up a home game on a rotating basis. And the talk of a London franchise is still heavily being floated by all concerned because of the money involved. 


Only a matter of time before the Redskins are involved. Hopefully it won't come at the cost of a home game. 



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I have no interest in having the Cowboys, or any other team, play in London.  I also don't like the fact that one team essentially loses a home game (though I have no solution to that problem other than not playing the games altogether).  If I had do make a guess, I would think that London will be the landing place once Jacksonville officially decides to move.


Completely idiotic of the NFL if you ask me.

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Completely idiotic of the NFL if you ask me.


Unfortunately, the mighty dollar rules all. And the NFL is making a **** load off of the London games and passion from the International fan to see live, regular season action. As you mooted with Jacksonville, their only 'home' sell out this year will be Sunday. 80 plus thousand sold out in no time. Another 500,000 expected in central London at the fan party Saturday for the second time this year. The appetite for football overseas is at record levels. 


Love them or hate them (and I personally hate the idea of taking one Country's league to another); International games are here to stay and will eventually lead to at the very least every team giving up one home game on a rotating basis. We're upto two in London this year now. With a third next season. It's a complete cash cow for the NFL and the best way for them to keep raiding that is to put the full product out there. 


Talk of a London franchise, and future overseas SB, will not go away. All I know is so long as the game remains at it's most popular height it ever has in Northern Europe, and the mega dollars continue to roll in; International games are going nowhere. 



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DM72 said : "And football will never take off internationally. Does any other country even play football?"
The ironic thing is yes they do but it attracts little or no local media coverage . For example I used to work with a guy who played for the Swedish national American football team ....
Football is played to the extent there is a national federation for each of the following countries



But the best leagues are probably in Germany and there has been a new competition called the Big6 which will take in the 6 best teams in Europe in a new competition . Interesting England is not really represented in that organization . 


In the UK there is the BAFL and they hold the BritBowl every year and in most years one team has won it (the London Os) but the interest in the UK is in playing rather than supporting the local teams . I have gone along to a couple of games and I really have noticed not only a difference in the types of people getting involved but how well and how serious these teams play and practice - I am not saying it is on a par with other European countries because I don't know but compared to a couple of years ago when teams were essentially dragging people off the street to play and teams were disappearing because they couldn't get 5 people to man the line the interest is much much higher and the established teams like the Lancahsire Wolverines have been going for more than 25 years and support several levels and age group teams . 


All that said the fan base at these games is strictly supportive parents and girlfriends and generally there are more coaches and team members than general supporters .


What is interesting in the UK is there is also a University League and in recent tryouts they have been swamped with interest and in Huddersfield they had something like 400 people wanting to be on the team ..


You are also starting to see Europeans feeding into the American school system. Again it is a tiny proportion of players and it has happened for a while I guess  .. but I there is a friend of a friend of the family who has recently won a scholarship to play at Michigan under an Athletics scholarship with an eye of playing in their football program .


And this is feeding into the draft - You have Sebastian Vollmer,Markus Kuhn, Menelik Watson, and Jack Crawford in recent years being drafted and still being active on teams .. (interestingly the Raiders are the team with perhaps the most international feal) and even the Redskins had a player back in the 90s Romeo Bandison who was at the time taken in the 3rd round but started playing in the Neatherlands .... generally however the guys from the UK for example only start playing football when they reach the American Collage system which really puts them behind the curve when trying to make an impact in the NFL and are under developed .


I am probably not the best person to talk about this (Martin C used to play in the British leagues) and I am only kind of interested as I am looking to get involved as a coach on a junior team - and So I do have an outsiders view to the situation ...


But as a fan of football I am amazed that the International series games in London are as popular as they are, given the fact they are expensive to get into (looking on Ticket Master last week there were still tickets available but club level seats £100+ ) and that there has been literally no TV promotion at all - I mean I watch BBC news all the time in the mornings and they are more likely to mention a tiddlywinks competition than the fact the NFL has another regular season game being played at Wembly . I know it is no longer being covered on the BBC (Channel 4 has the games again - as it should be) but still you think it would have been worthy of a mention .


And this is the common problem with Sport in the UK if it is not soccer, rugby or cricket or golf ...   it will be ignored by the sports teams coverage and the national lottery which is vital for funding ... (hell even tennis we have a top international player and we only really cover 2 weeks of the interational series...) ... most people would not be aware we in the UK have a popular ice hockey league  (Nottingham Panthers) have sold out their arena pretty much year in year out since moving to new areana and it goes on and on .


So yes Football is played outside the US ... but there is a real disconnect between the NFL playing 3 games a season in London and developing the game overseas ... its odd and kind of a snub that the London game is called the international game but you would have thought the NFL would have thought about taking the game to other European cities where the interest would be as great or greater ( e.g. Berlin, Amsterdam etc) .. I wonder how much tgis is the teams just not wanting to travel that much further ....

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