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Send Off & Welcome Home Times To Denver


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It is that time again where we rally and send off and welcome home our boys in style!


I am going to start combining this in one thread to make it easier for all to plan. 


Send Off

Date- Saturday 10-26-13

Time- Meet Up 12PM First bus leaves at 12:45

Place- Redskins Park ASHBURN VA


Welcome Home

Date- Monday 10-28-13

Time- Meet up at 12:20AM They should land around 12:50AM

Place- Redskins Park ASHBURN VA


Remember flights can be earlier or later depending on weather etc hence the meet up at 12:20AM



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I will be saying "Redskins" when I talk about my team until the day I don't talk at all. 



The world is way overstocked on dumbasses.



But these comments by me do not belong in this thread so I will cease before I have to give myself 2 warning points.  <_<



Give these guys a great send-off! We need all the good karma/luck/positive energy possible to grab this golden ring and beat Denver! And we can do it.  B)

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