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Game Pics 10/20 Vs. Bears

Spaceman Spiff

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Nice pics! That one of Matt Forte is really cool! You got some great shots out there!



Thanks --made my day!




nice pics man. i notice a lot of your pics have this cool effect to them. are you just cranking up the exposure to get that "semi washed" out look to them?


Thanks man.  I use some Lightroom presets and adjust them.  For example, that last one of RG3 was tricky because he was running into the shadows with the sun hitting the crowd directly behind him.  That image came out a lot darker than what you see there because I had my camera settings on something else that I was looking for.  So in Lightroom I boosted the exposure so you could see a bit more of RG3 which washed out the stands behind him a bit...even though you can't see into his helmet, you can still obviously tell it's him...the jersey #, the running motion, it's all very him.  Same with Lance Briggs a little bit.  

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