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Thanks For Beating The Bears!


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That was one heck of a game to watch. It was back and forth. I thought the refs had a couple bad pass interference calls on the Redskins to give the Bears a couple scores. That was a huge game as well to get the Skins back in the division race and RG3 looked like he is back to his normal self from last year. Best wishes to the Skins the rest of the year. I do hope Jay Cutler is going to be ok though. Hate to see anyone go down because I like beating them at their best.

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Thanks, man.  I winced when I saw Cutler go down.  I talk a lot of over-the-top trash for my own amusement but I was concerned about his hip (a la Bo Jackson) on that play.  


As for us, we'll see if it's a mirage, but even if we lose to an excellent Broncos team, I think we can make a run (I wish we could stop making runs, for ONCE, other than a SB run.)  We're gonna need you to go ahead and beat the Lions and Bears and keep one of those wild cards open for us maybe.

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