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Es Coverage & Interactive Game Day Thread - Redskins Verses Bears


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Redskins 45 - Bears 41


Welcome everybody to today's coverage of The Washington Redskins verses the Chicago Bears. My name is JimmiJo, and I am joined by Spaceman Spiff. In case you haven't seen his photography, stop what the F you are doing right now and go look.

I am late as balls. I started late. I arrived late. I am posting this late.

So go ahead and get started. I am going to grab something to eat and be right back.



- Rex Grossman
- Bacarri Rambo
- Chris Thompson
- Brandon JENKINS (Pappas you dumb ass)
- Josh LeRideus
- Fred Davis (yes, THAT Fred Davis)
- Chris Neild

So about today's game. I am not going to make a prediction. I have been entirely too accurate this season and if I had to bet...

Let's just say the Redskins better win this game if they expect to have any chance this year.

Follow me in-game on Twitter @Skinscast.


The Redskins are playing like they want to win this one. The defense is showing that last week was no fluke, as they have limited Chicago to just 46 total yards in the first half. The offense on the other hand has racked up 249 total yards and, wait for it, two touchdowns. However, another pick by Griffin set up an easy touchdown, and another debacle on special teams has this game closer than it needs to be.

And how about Brian Orakpo? A great play on the pick-six. The stadium was nearly levitating after the play.

Jay Cutler is officially listed as questionable with a groin. My bet is he is done for the day. Provided Washington can contain Devin Hester and not commit any more turnovers, they should win this game.

See you in a bit.


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Man that was fun.

This game had everything; offense, turnovers by the defense, big hits, scoring, a comeback, and best of all; a win. This was the most energy I have felt at FedEx Field for some time and the crowd went home happy.

This was the team we expected to see week 1. Washington's offense played their butts off today. They racked up 499 total yards, with 209 yards rushing. I want to type that again; 209 yards rushing. Add another 290 yards passing and you have an outstanding offensive effort.

Darrel Young assured us in the locker room that Robert Griffin III has been healthy all year. He’s a big guy so I wasn’t about to call him a liar to his face – but for me Griffin is just now his old self and you can see the difference it makes. Griffin went 18/29 for 298 yards, two touchdowns and the pick with a passer rating of 105.2. Solid numbers. But he added 84 yards on 11 carries rushing.

That’s a good day for a starting back.

More than the production, Griffin’s mobility creates problems for defenses in that they have to make sure they try and contain him. This creates opportunities for others and we saw that with Alfred Morris gaining 95 yards on 19 carries. Roy Helu Jr. added another 41 on 11 tries and most important; his hat trick as he rushed for three touchdowns.

But it was the confidence and swagger of the offense that struck me most. They played like a team expecting to score on every series. The fan in me was deflated after Chicago took the lead near the end. The team didn’t appear to be phased however, marching 75 yards on 12 plays to take the lead and the victory.

For the defense it was really a tale of two halves. The Bears’ first half drives went; punt, field goal, interception; punt, punt. Starting quarterback Jay Cutler was ineffective. He went 3/8 for 28 yards and a pick before being injured in the second quarter.

When Brian Orakpo executed his career-first pick-six you thought it could be a banner day for Washington.

Following this and then the injury to Cutler, you expected Chicago to fold at that point but something changed for them in the second half. Matt Forte woke up in the third quarter and started gaining chunks of yards rushing. Forte rushed for 91 yards on 16 carries and he matched Helu’s touchdown hat trick with one of his own.

And then there was Josh McCown. McCown McOwned the Redskins’ defense for much of the second half. He posted 204 yards on 14 completions over 20 attempts with one touchdown. He finished the game with a passer rating of 119.6 – topping Griffin’s. And like Griffin, his ability to run caused Washington problems. McCown rushed for 33 yards on four carries, helping to extend drives.

The defense allowed 359 yards on the day and a whopping 41 points. Worse, they continue to have stupid penalties that extend drives for the opposing offenses.

Brandon Meriweather could be getting another love letter from the league this week after two personal foul calls for hitting defenseless receivers. At some point suspensions could accompany the fines, which would be disastrous for this already feeble squad as he is the only thing resembling a decent safety.

In a moment of comic relief, Meriweather told us after the game how much he has changed his style from the way he used to play. Hmmm…

Finally, the special teams showed us again why we love them so by allowing Devin Hester to run back a punt for a touchdown. There is no shame in giving up one to potentially the greatest return man in history, but given the way teams have been for the Redskins it is another letdown.

As the man said; all’s well that ends well. This one ended well. It was a much needed win ahead of a very tough match in Denver next week. Instead of thinking about that I think I will savor this one a bit longer.

Spaceman Spiff

This game was like a big heavyweight fight. I wouldn't go as far as to say this was like Ali vs. Frazier because neither of these teams are as good as those guys were boxers, but this felt like a giant slugfest with each team throwing vicious uppercuts and hooks until the final bell of the last round. The Redskins, bloodied and bruised by Matt Forte's three touchdowns and Devin Hester's 81 yard punt return to the house were able to come back and win the final round with 45 yard scoring bomb to Aldrick Robinson and Roy Helu Jr's second scoring run of the game.

In his post-game press conference, RG3 talked about how throughout the week he talked with his offense about making a breakthrough this week and taking things back to how they were last year. He remarked that this was the first time that the offense had clicked like it did last year and how nice it was to have that feeling back. Brian Orakpo who had his first touchdown on any level today on a pick-6 spoke about how happy he was to have the opportunity to play when the offense was clicking like this since he missed most of last year.

There was a better feeling to this game than the Lions game I covered earlier this season. The Lions game felt like a game from a few years ago where you knew the Redskins would hang around but ultimately shoot themselves in the foot and let a victory slip away. In this game, I felt like the Redskins would have a chance down the stretch in a tight game. Sure enough, the offense moved the ball down the field efficiently to set up Helu's third touchdown.

I think it's tough playing from behind in any sport. Ultimately I think the gas runs out or the magic wears off, however this team woke up after a 3-6 start last year and could be poised to come back from the brink of an early season elimination this year as well. The offense is starting to click and Griffin is starting to resemble the offensive weapon he was last year. Jordan Reed had a huge game and seems to have a good connection with his quarterback. The defense played impressively in the first half before slipping in the second and the special teams is still looking like the weakest link.

This team has yet to play a full game where the offense, defense and special teams are hitting on all cylinders and I think that could definitely happen. Well, maybe not the special teams.

Lots of pics to come from the sidelines today, I hope you guys enjoy


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The teams been late all year JP. Your just anchoring for a spot. I'ma onto you!


Can't give Cutler time today or we'll get taken out behind the woodshed, Again. 


May as well look to trade FreddyDelight. I'm all for discipline and making players earn a spot, but Shanahan's stubbornness oft times is detrimental to the football team which you just can't have as a HC. Fred's that far back in his doghouse he's in another State. Like we have a multitude of weapons out there to start with huh? Ridiculous. 


Hoping for the best. Fully expecting the worst. 



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Yeah my initial reaction was that Davis has made way for others to bolster our ST department...but if thats the case, man things must be bad...oh thats right they are, but that bad ??...no way, unless he's back on the weed, injured, a lasy ass pro, all of the above, whatever else...oh i give up...not sure whats going on these days.

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I have no problem with Robert running more if it is there. I don't want what he showed last week to mean that we are going back to a lot more RO, I'd rather continue to develop Robert as a true pocket passer who uses his legs to get him out of jams and pick up 10-15 when it's open.

If we have to rely on his legs again for our offense to run we are going to be in trouble

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He was the pariah for the bad start


Under normal circumstances, a 6th round safety wouldn't have expectations and would be expected to be a backup/special teamer.  Except from the get-go, Rambo was practically handed that starting spot, so through no fault of his own, his fall has been precipitous probably cuz he was overrated to start with. 

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