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Bears Ready--If Redskins Show Up (1987)


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Nice read, ended up being an ass whoopin. 


Did Joe make any noticeable half time adjustments? seems we pulled away after halftime. 




We always seemed to pull away in the second half of games. Back when some teams didn't adjust at all, we were well known for re-designing our strategy at halftime. Now, teams make adjustments between drives and on the fly, but back then we were pretty special.


Also, as to the title of the article, it seems to be more of a play on Gibbs' comments than anything else. I like the historical footnote and all, but the article didn't seem to be dismissing our chances.

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I remember a couple of things from that game. Pre-match Jay Schroeder saying he hoiped the Bears much vaunted defence blitzed, which they did and he duly toasted them,. Secondly, Art Monk with some fantastic route running on his TDs, what a player #81 was.

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