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Redskins-Bears: 4 Keys To The Game

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Mr. Tinsman - Stifling defense??   Did you watch any of the games last year?  C'mon! Yes, I have documented the significant imporvement the second half myself. But >300 yds/gm and >20pts/gm does not constitute a "stifling defense".


This game is the season, perriod. At 2-4 a 9-7 or 10-6 record is still possible, extermely tough but possible. But you change that to 1-5 and it gets exponentially more difficult. So win by whatever means needed is the only key IMO.


As I said on another thread, I have been all in with Shanny. But I am losing patience. It's year 4 and we have one of the worst defenses in football. Our STs in in complete dissarray. I do see the offence coming around. This really could be a breakout game. But if the Def regresses or/and we don't fix our STs this week, we are in for a 3 to 5 win season at best. I am not sure 6-10, 5-11, 10-6, and then 5-11 deserves a 5th year! I will support him and root for us to win, but i just don't see how you can justify keeping him if we go 5-11 or something similar.


Hopefully we will put 3 phases together for 60 minues and run Chicago out of here. IMO this game comes down to who can run the best. If Morris/Helu have a good day we win (provided STs does not let Hester score 28!). If Forte has a big day we lose. If they both are good, then it should be an exciting game.

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