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Skins V Dallas Game Pics And My Take On The Loss


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I have let the loss set for a fw days and having had the privilige of being down near the players I can say there are some things I feel positive about.  One main thing is the attitude after the game.  I have followed the skins a loooooong time and we have all seen the laughing coming off the field after a bad loss and gotten angry.  I can tell you I didn't see any of that on this team.  I saw some dejected maybe even a little lack of belief this was happening thrown in.


They manned up and congratulated the cowboys players but they WERE not in the least in a "oh well" mode.  There was some serious dejection there, Griffin most of all.  I for one have been in the camp he should not have started until after the bye, but as they say thats water under the bridge. The dejection I saw up close and personal on Griffins face let me know it's about more than publicity or endorsements for him.  He will get himself together and I believe as his confidence in his knee continues to grow he will start forcing his will to win on this team.  Not sure if we have the talent around him to succeed right now, but it will not be for lack of his play.  I think this team will finish strong, probably to late far any playoff aspirations but strong non the less. 


Here is a pic of Griff after the game, it's about one of the "happiest" looking shots. I'm going to post a few of my favorite shots in the thread, but here is a link to the gallery if anyone is interested.  Extremeskins on Flikr





London Being London.



Alfred hitting the hole for the TD run.



Helu running strong.



Can't leave Dallas without a cheerleader pic right??? I hate Dallas and Jerry but just have to add that stadium is amazing.



Griffin with the screen to Garcon, notice the hops on Ware.



Starting to look like the layer we all know and miss!



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Great pics. I'M not worried about RGIII. With all of our draft picks minus the first rd pick.and all of our cap space, we better get some serious talent around RGIII next year.

And I'm not talking about adding depth.

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