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Msn: Elementary School Cancels Halloween Due To 'religious Overtones'


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For what it's worth, people who don't work in elementary schools generally don't have a grasp of what a train wreck Halloween can be.  My school intentionally avoids celebrating it as well.  It just becomes a mess for elementary school teachers.  We've had first graders telling other first graders that people who celebrate Halloween are going to hell, and you can imagine how well that goes over.


I'm actually in favor of letting the kids have some fun, but it's a huge hassle, and I don't blame any school administrator for deciding it's not worth it.



Fifteen years ago our kids were requested not to wear witch or devil costumes at elementary school, which I thought was weak. If you see a first grader in a witch costume and think someone is promoting the occult, then we should take you even less seriously than someone who thinks teaching evolution in biology class is promoting atheism.


But I can understand if the school is expending too much time on managing asshole parents that they either cancel the parade or just off-load it entirely to the PTO. The latter seems like the better option.


While All Hallow's Eve is a Christian festival, the dressing up in costumes on October 31 is, I think, a Celtic Pagan tradition. But going to school in a Spiderman costume is hardly promoting paganism.

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I really wish someone would publish a list of which groups are currently not to be offended and what offends them. It would make things easier.

Seriously. I understand that we need to be a more sensitive society than we were 100 years ago, but things are getting a bit out of control. It's getting to the point where anything that's remotely enjoyable is under scrutiny. 

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These occurrences of knee jerk reactions seriously undermine those who are truly fighting for equal rights. 

We are denying our children the right to learn how to choose for themselves.


For us being considered an "advanced society", we sure have no tolerance of anything that doesn't directly align with our personal core beliefs.  Acceptance and tolerance, IMO, are staples of an advancing society.


All Hallows Eve is my favorite holiday (spanking the cowboys on thanksgiving notwithstanding), just a history rich journey to learn about. 

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