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Fan Experience Needs Improvement! Bad Sound, Messed Up Hail To The Redskins Recording, And Other Complaints....


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I have done all I can by myself...written letters to the front office, sent texts during games... now I am looking to the rabid fans of ExtremeSkins to help me, in hopes the message will get to the front office....








I am a season ticket holder and will never give up my seats...I have 6 in my name... so I'm loyal... I am also a realist... our stadium experience at Fed-Ex is far-far below par...


I have been to 25 of the 32 stadiums in the NFL... and ours is the worst...


This year, it seems even more obvious.... 


1. The sound system is awful!!! Each game, I send a text from my seats in SECTION 426, ROW 8, and tell them I cant hear a thing... the announcer is a ghost... some music is loud, other inaudible... I have been told TIME AND TIME AGAIN that a work-order has been put in to fix the broken speaker... I have gotten the same message since NOVEMBER 2012... .just fix the speaker, PLEASE!  I was in Green Bay for the second game... the sound is TEN TIMES BETTER... and their field is one of the oldest in the NFL, in one of the smallest markets...  


2. The HAIL TO THE REDSKINS TOUCHDOWN RECORDING IS FOULED UP! The recording they play after touchdowns at Fed-Ex has a SKIP in it during "Sons of Washington" and it skips a beat so all the crowd is a half-beat off. HOW CAN WE MESS THIS UP????


3. Getting in and out of the stadium from Arena Drive is awful... Traffic to and from the stadium is actually stopped for cross-traffic... going to the game, all lines are stopped while cars make right turns into the cash lot from left lanes... No other stadium can be this bad...


Other stadiums have great sound...

Other stadiums have announcers that encourage fan interaction (Fans in Green Bay and in New England all are encouraged by the announcer to yell "FIRST DOWN" together each time the team advances...ITS GREAT) 

Other stadiums have live Red-Zone updates instead of commercials during time outs

Other stadiums have Radio Broadcasts in sync with the action on the field... 


It was great when they put the giant screens in the parking lot prior to the first game a few years back... why not do that more often? 



I am sure there are other improvements needed (it seems we have the escalator issue fixed finally) ...


Can you help me out and keep the ideas flowing in order to reach someone in a decision-making capacity? 


How can we improve the fan experience at Fed-Ex? 


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Lets see:


1) I guess the only thing you can do is continue to complain. A friend of mine said he has complained often about the sound.  The people he spoke to acknowledged that they have received a good number of complaints. They apparently gave him field passes for the Bears game as well as purple parking for the rest of the season, so its something.


2) Don't know what you are talking about with the HTTR recording. I would like for the band to play it, but some on here like that the recording teaches the fans the proper words. To each his own.


3) Traffic is something I feel is consistently overblown.  I have rarely had an issue getting out after a game. Granted, I don't screw around and get straight to my car, and often go out on Morgan Blvd. 


As for the other stuff, I agree that I would like to see more highlights of other games shown during timeouts.  I get tired of seeing the same "Greatest Moments in FedEx History" of RG3's 76-yard run, last year's game against Dallas, or crap from over 20 years ago.  As for encouraging more fan participation, Kessler does yell "First Down Washington!" but to be honest, the less we hear from him, the better.  I preferred the old days of Phil Hochberg providing down and distance.


In general, I think the experience has improved a bit over the past several years. The big screens are of course a plus, but I've found the music and commercials to be a lot less intrusive than they seemed to be in the past.  This isn't due to last season either with the Skins winning.......I noticed it during 2010-11 too.  I do wish they'd let the band play a bigger role, maybe moving them down low again (since you see a bunch of visiting fans in those seats anyway). And speaking of down low, lets remove the stupid dream seats so the people down below paying $130-150 for a seat don't have to stand all game.

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I do not have a lot to compare against as I have only been to one other stadium....to see a Fins game in Miami and that was pretty pathetic....only good was the tan that I got while watching the game.


I wish that they would have some better pre-game activities....like maybe former players signing autographs....easier access to field passes especially for STH.  The loud music is annoying to me as well....and I sit in the 200 level end zone, so speakers are very near to me.  Trust me that all seem to work just fine.  I would prefer to hear football prior to the game....maybe show some of the pregame shows, or if a late game, maybe show some of the earlier games.  I did not come to FEDEX for a concert, but to watch an NFL game. 


I also agree about the broadcast...as I listen to that while I am in my seats.  I know there is a X second delay so that they can blank out any bad word that the crew may emit....but most times the broadcast is a full play or more behind the game. 

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If 20th Century Fox could orchestrally re-arrange and re-record their famous Fox fanfare (which they did back in the mid 1990s), then the Redskins oughta do the same with their famous fight song.  They need to get the marching band into a top-flight recording studio to record the sound of the current band playing the fight song.  Then play that recording (rather than the antiquated one they've been using) whenever the team scores a TD.  C'mon, Dan Snyder.  Make it happen.

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This is a personal pet peeve of mine.  Somebody in the late 90's ripped HTTR from either the LP of the band or a CD that was for sale.  It was a bad RIP with a tiny skip in it near the end but it has ended up EVERYWHERE and nobody has bothered to re-record or re-rip the song. 


Go listen to every youtube rendition of it (not the covers obviously), or download the mp3, or go to a Redskins bar on a Sunday and when you hear HTTR you. will. hear. that. skip.


I'm amazed this happened at FedEx Field.  You'd think the team would make the effort to actually get it right instead of heading over to BitTorrent.  OK, on second thought, I'm not sure why I'd expect the team to do that.

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I'm glad I'm not alone with the concerns about the Fight Song and the Speakers...


Looks like the NFL just approved some upgrades for more ribbon ads and maybe even some wifi... if there would be enough bandwidth in the parking lots.. people could have LCD tv's using the wifi signal to cast shows from a phone or tablet... if the phone or tablet could get reception.. Ha! another needed improvement...  there ARE temporary cell sites that can be rolled in and used on game days...it WOULD make for a better fan experience if you could try to call your buddy to find his tailgate and actually get the call to go through... not that anyone cares... yes, it would take each mobile carrier constructing a temporary site... Sprint, Verizon, ATT, T-mobile.. 



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Thanks OP, I appreciate your efforts. Don't give up. Stay resourceful.  If you send an email or complain, remember to kill them with kindness first, mention what a great job they are doing, before your bullet points.


The speakers in the upper deck blast music that hurts the game day experience. Blaring music is such a pathetic attempt at entertainment. Its like a caveman did it. They could simply poll people in sections and ask them if they think the music is too loud. Get a "child" to send in an email, say his ears hurt. No one cares about adults.


It's been a while since I have been to fedex but I am still reeling after seeing that we upgraded the old peg light scoreboards at each end zone. 


I bet the out of town scoreboard is still severely lacking / completely MIA.


Lite Brite FTW

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Actually, the out of town scoreboard has worked like a charm for a while.


Goes to show you I am not a STH. But when I was there last for the Helu checkdown game vs SF, I remember it being tiny and limited to one score. During TV timeouts, a prime time to view it, it was off, or stuck on one score.


Glad to hear it is much improved.

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