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Redskins' Forgotten Racial Pioneer Lives With Mystery Of His Short-Lived Career - Yahoo

Dan T.

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Fascinating story.  Bobby Mitchell wasn't alone in breaking the Redskins color barrier... Leroy Jackson, a promising first round speedster,  was on that roster, too.  And after decades, the real reason for his dismissal from the team is revealed.


WASHINGTON – The other first black Washington Redskin has spent the last 50 years hiding in the open. For three decades, Leroy Jackson opened doors on the city bus he drove, nodding hello to thousands of football fans who never knew about that September day in 1962 when he chased a kickoff in Dallas and helped break the NFL's last color barrier. They see him at the store, on the street, in the park, an old man smiling hello, oblivious to his place in history.

It's as if time has ignored the other first black Redskin. Ask most fans in this city to name the team's initial African-American player and they will say it is Hall of Fame running back Bobby Mitchell. They are right. Mitchell played that day at the Cotton Bowl, scoring three touchdowns in a 35-35 tie with the Cowboys. But long forgotten are the two men who were the first with him: Jackson and guard John Nisby. And of those two, Jackson gets almost no credit for being there. 

Jackson got three carries in a win vs. the Rams in '63. He

played in five games that year before getting cut…

 Rest of story at http://sports.yahoo.com/news/football-thursday--redskins--forgotten-racial-pioneer-lives-with-mystery-of-his-short-lived-career-210938052.html

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I remember him and remember when he was cut. . My father in 63 heard from a skins player at that time Jackson was cut because he could not learn the plays he was always out of position and running the wrong pass routes,


Anyway that is what we heard in 63. A few years later the same player also told my dad Ray MacDonald was gay although he did not say gay

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