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which superbowl matchup would be the best?  

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  1. 1. which superbowl matchup would be the best?

    • Redskins VS Jets (the repeat of the jetskins game)Knickname:the Heisty Bowl(after we robbed them of their players)
    • Redskins VS Chiefs (The battle of the indian teams)Knickname:The indian Bowl
    • Redskins VS Dolphins (The 3rd and final match to prove who's the best) Knickname:The killer three's(killer bee's...get it)Get rid of norvitas for good!
    • Redskins VS Ravens (The battle of the maryland teams)Knickname:Maryland to disneyland
    • Redskins VS Cowboys (somehow,the cowboys get transfered to the AFC cause of realignment mistakes in mid-season)Knickname:Chicken of the sea......son

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Exactly... Our players would rather end up on Sportscenter while the internationals would rather win.

Without a doubt.

Another thing that Lebron seems to be lacking is lateral quickness. People are driving past him with some regularity.

Meanwhile, 'melo is putting up good #s, shows great consistency, court awareness, 3-point range, and better defense......... so far.

What is funny, was some of my friends thought I was sick for considering Melo a better pick if a team wanted to win quickly. Sure he lacks so of the pure physical talent that James has, but he is so naturally good at what he does.

Kobe developed a great outside shot, so I don't want to say James can't as well....but I think this kid is interested in the dunks, and if he goes that route, he will never be as good as he could be.

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