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Nydn: Photos: Chinese Man Grows Nose On His Forehead


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PHOTOS: Chinese man grows nose on his forehead


Xiaolian, 22, lost his nose to complications following a traffic accident, but doctors were able to grow a new one that will be transplanted soon.


A Chinese man has grown a new nose in an unlikely place after losing his original nose to complications following a traffic accident.


Xiaolian, 22, failed to seek medical help for an infection that developed from his nose injury. After several months, it had corroded the cartilage, and doctors were unable to save it.


But surgeons in a hospital in Fuzhou, Fujian province, placed a skin tissue expander on Xiaolian's forehead, shaping a new nose using cartilage taken from his ribs.


The new nose is in good shape, according to local media reports, and will soon be transplanted to the correct place.

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