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Jim Haslett Poll; Official Vote Of Confidence Per Fans

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Jim Haslett Vote of Confidence  

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  1. 1. The fate of Jim Haslett as expressed by ES and Redskin Fans

    • Fire Jim Haslett today, why wait ??!!
    • Wait until the bye week, then fire Jim Haslett
    • Wait until week 8, then fire Jim Haslett
    • Keep Jim Haslett until the season is mathematically over
    • Keep Jim Haslett until the season ends
    • Keep Jim Haslett due to lack of talent

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 Yes, it may seem that I am beating a dead horse on this topic.


 Actually, the pure intent of this poll is for viewing by anyone officially associated with the Redskins organization, as an expressed concern for the current situation involving the current defensive coordinator, Jim Haslett. His entire career has been in question, and reasons why he was hired do vary some.


It has been very disappointing to see how the defense has given up an NFL record amount of points or total yardage, maybe both, and for the amount of excuses that has been thrown around, they should have stopped this year.

It seems that every year, it is the same excuses over and over, regaring the lack of creativity, players, scheme, etc etc, and always followed by 'once we get XXX XXX player we will be fine, followed by 'well, he/they've only been in the system for 1-2 years, and the excuses go on and on.


Yes, many threads are already addressing the problem, but no poll, so hoping this will show the person/people responsible { as if they don't already know } that the fans are in a certain state of approval, or disapproval, whichever may be the case.


Of course, please keep this a civil one; everyone has a right to their own opinion, but the overall purpose of this is to address the organization of the views of fans, who do count.



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We've had several polls like this since last season, and obviously numerous threads are existing for All Things Haslett. New ones that aren't based on something REALLY NEW (and different) will be met with a temporary ban as well as the No New Threads setting for the poster.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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