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Es Exclusive Game Pics 9/22/13 Vs. Detroit

Spaceman Spiff

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it's working spiff---but so far, no pics of JimmieJo in his MC Hammer pants flailing about the room like a spasmodic flounder at the rave, or as he calls it, "dancing"....soon?


It's not the Hammer pants that I enjoyed, it was the beadazzled  + sequin tank top that sealed the deal. 


Man you really have some artistry in your editing.  What program did you work with to edit those? 


Thanks man.  I use Lightroom.

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Ok good. I was starting to think "no more ****tails before lunch", especially on Mondays when I have to operate.

I hate that I have to work Mondays with my new job...they used to be sooo much fun, didn't they? *especially toward the end of the season, when we were winning*

We'll get back to it, I swear.

The winning part, I mean.  I may never get Mondays off again. :angry:

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Great shots!  I really like the sideline close-ups mixed in with the wide action shots.


Looks like you get the same 3-degree CCW tilt that I usually end up with and straighten in post.


I'm seeing a couple of duplicates... Fletcher B&W and RG3 getting ready to pass under the Toyota banner.

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