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Post Your Android/ios Homescreen!


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I've thought about starting a thread like this in the past.  Is that Lightning or SS Launcher?  I switch between a few of the layouts I've seen on MyColorScreen.com.


Its lightning launcher and the theme is Google Now V2 that I got from MyColorScreenm. Its hard for me to use a different launcher so i always stuck with the stock sense launcher for htc, but lightning laucher is awesome and doesnt slow the phone down at all. 

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I actually like the new IOS7. Very simple and clean. I love the swipe up control center thing they added


Control Center is like SBSettings from the Jailbreak scene.  Should of happened a long time ago.


I do like how they incorporated a Translucent theme throughout (making it a little more personal).  Its much lighter than previous versions as well.


Im still unsure of the new icons though

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Won't let me post the picture, telling me not allowed to use the image extension.  Please delete!


Try hosting it using a free host found on google. thats how I did mine.


On a side note, I probably should have included Windows in the title, forgot about how many people have the Lumia.

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