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Trent Richardson Traded To Indy For 1St Round Pick


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According to Adam Schefter.  This gives them the 1st and 3rd overall picks of the 2012 draft.  I honestly think this might push them to be the best team in the AFC south


Wow the Browns gave away Richardson for a pick in a draft from last year?


Sounds like the Browns. :P  I guess the Colts got a steal of a deal. ;)

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This is why you should never draft an RB super high in the draft. You can find them almost anywhere if you have good scouts and pick players that fit your scheme. I guess they are going to make sure they don't miss out on a stud qb this year in the draft with having 2 1st rounders now. A crazy scenario would be drafting Clowney 1st overall and taking Manziel, if he drops due to red flags, later in the 1st. But, if they do get the first overall pick and Teddy comes out, I'd bet they'd take him and be very content.

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