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What If We Were The Washington....redskins?


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After all, I couldn't help myself.

But really, your thoughts guys on this? I've been reading tons of articles on it and I just don't know

what to make of it. And it already looks like as long as Dan Snyder is owner, the Redskins' name

shall never part from the team or it's fans. Or will it?!

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I'm a die-hard Redskins fan through and through.  Politically, I'm a Democrat and consider myself sensitive to issues of race, ethnicity and tolerance.  Having said that, I think the intent behind the selection of the franchise name was positive.  We meant to honor Native Americans' valor, bravery, and dignity, which are values that every team strives to uphold.  The name has not aged well, and if we were naming the team today for the first time, it would not be appropriate, I agree.  If the data clearly showed that a simple majority of today's Native American population believed the name should be changed, then I would agree that it should be changed.  But the only study I've seen, conducted by an Ivy League professor at UPenn, showed that over 90% of polled Native Americans believed the name should not be changed.


IF the name had to be changed, I've always wondered about keeping the logo and uniforms the same, but calling the team one of the following:


1) the Potomacs, named after the local tribe.  This would be similar to the way the Florida State Seminoles are named.


2) the Natives.  As the team representing the nation's capital, this would be a nod of respect to the fact that European colonists were not the first civilization in America.


3) the Americans.  This would be like the way the Vancouver Canucks, or the New York Yankees, are named.   This would also fit with the nation's capital theme, and we could keep the uniforms and logos intact.

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Firstly, this thread is gonna get merged with the other, long-standing thread on this issue, or it's gonna get zapped by the mods.


Secondly, just say NOOOO to changing the logo to a freakin' redskin potato!  :angry: Unless the OP is trying to be sarcastic, this is a terrible idea, and one that I've heard for too many years now.  There's that one guy who says, "Keep the name; change the logo [to a red devil]."  I'm not crazy about the idea, but at least he's put some thought into it and tried to come up with something kinda cool.  But a freakin' potato?  Ugh.


If we're gonna change anything, just accept that the name (allegedly) is what is angering (certain) people and change that.  Let's say to Warriors, which is already owned (supposedly) by the team, sounds bad*ss and would allow us to keep the current uniforms and logos (as well as the throwback uniforms and logos) intact.  And if the P.C. whining continues after that, keep the Warriors nickname... and slap an image of George Washington on the sides of the helmets.  Take that, P.C. patrol!  You thought our old nickname and logo was "bigoted"?  Well, check out the new one, which features the Father of Our Country (read: celebration of the Evil Patriarchal Order™), a man who was also, in the current P.C. parlance, just another Dead, Old, White Man™.  Hmmm.  Maybe that old logo doesn't seem so bad now, huh, whiners? :P

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It was done in sarcasm and for fun, mainly poking fun at the PC-ism of modern-day America. ;) Trust me, I don't want to change the name at ALL. I just wanted some thoughts on the name change and added the art as a funny twist to it. And yeah, cool, didn't see that thread, you can move me wherever you need to!

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What blew me away is the fact that in the Navajo nation reservation their is a high school.  Their name?  Redskins.  no lie look it up.


I agree if some of those people that want to change the name can come up with one instance of time where our team has degraded in any way the American Indian people i would be in the forefront changing the name. This is total BS political posturing.  Our fight song describes what we stand for.  Brave, proud, warriors.  Hmmm.  isn't this what we honor our military with?

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