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Ron Jaworski's Prediction Of Rg3 Missing Preseason And Skins Struggling Seems Accurate


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Last Month Ron Jaworski picked the Redskins to miss the playoffs this year.

The feedback received from Jaworski's comments were fast ,hard and ferocious.

He was called everything from a Arien racist  to the  zealot of AntiChrist.

  I think Ron was correct with his assumptions that missing all the preseason games would 

Hurt RG3 and the Redskin Offense and stunt the timing needed to battle tough opponents early in the seaSON.


I'm Praying that the two games so far are enough of a tune up for RG3 and the offense.


We need consistent offense so our defense isn't worn-out in the first half.


Our defense held  green bay to a field goal..our offense should have taken the momentum 

from this and scored points.  this is crucial to use making a winning streak ...IT  BEGINS NOW!!

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