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Spurrier Denies ComCast Report


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Originally posted by Gamebreaker

I think Prisco is just making that crap up to follow up the Comcast story. He's probably hoping it's true and it'll make him look good in the process.

If I've followed this correctly, Prisco's report preceded the Comcast report and in fact prompted Comcast to publicize the story it had been tracking for a few weeks.

At least that's what I'm picking up second-hand here from the cheap seats.

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Originally posted by Phat Hog

I would normally be concerned, but those are 2 news outlets that I just do not give any credibility to. Funny none of the local folks have picked it up… if it’s true at all.:rolleyes:

The local media (WashTimes excepted) depend on access to the Redskins. Think of the local media as an extended PR department for the Redskins.

This doesn't make the national media geniuses -- many are morons. But they don't depend on the good graces of the Redskins for their jobs and access to insider information.

The Washington Post is pretty clearly in bed with the team. That's not all bad, as it allows some interesting stories. But they won't break big stories that make Snyder look bad.

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Originally posted by BallCoachSpurrier

Titsy said the same thing.


Woman has wisdom beyond her.........uh.......er..........well.........she has wisdom. ;)

(sigh.... uh oh. I apologize in advance for where that may take the thread.


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Ok, what if this is true? What if SS is unhappy, that's not too far-fetched if you ask me.

Now, he may be a meddling SOB, but Snyder ain't dumb. He understands what a terrible thing it will be for SS to take a hike after this year, so let's hope he comes to his senses, realizes that he needs SS more than SS needs this job, and does WHATEVER it takes to keep SS from leaving.

Step one: Walk into SS's office with a box of chocolates and a dozen roses, get on your knees, tell him you love him, tell him he can have Danny back, and beg beg beg him not to leave...

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I think Spurrier HAS been frustrated by the setup here in Washington. But I agree with Dave that he is too egotistical to just walk away with his tail between his legs and admit he wasn't up to this challenge.

Washington can't be much fun for the Spurriers compared to being at Florida.

The weather sucks. The fans and media are all over the team. The owner is demanding and mercurial. The separation of duties within the organization is not well-delineated.

And he has some veteran players on the team whose salaries make them almost untouchable.

There weren't any players at Florida that were untouchable.

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