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Es Coverage & Interactive Game Day Thread: Skins At Packers Final


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Win or Lose, I want to see RG3 perform amazingly. I'm tired of people talking about how his knee is making him under-perform.

All that should matter is how you think he performed.  This game is bigger than RG3.  RG3 will perform.  How we perform as a team is what I am looking for.  We need a stallion run game.

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Thanks for all the awesome tidbits TK.  To think that Moss will pass my all time fave Gary Clark in team receptions this year is a true testament to just how consistently good Tana has been in his time here.  Hope to get a spin and first down "point" out of 89 today. :)


This is my favorite part of the game thread, before it turns into a warm puddle of piss.  Let's do this.  Hail.

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Well, there's never a good time for such as Kai being out, but today, in the rain at Lambeau, I really hate it. I feel we have no room to give.


Yeah, he's a lot more valuable than I think that we put on.  Minus the safety and plus his field goal = tie game.  And unlike our previous quarterback, RGIII knows that a game can end in a tie.



The dude from Blues Traveler is our kicker this week?


Hahaha, nice!


Bwahaha 9 protestors money grubbers. I wonder how much they got paid,and how much they were told they will get paid in a lawsuit in a pipedream. 


. . . I don't joke this get?

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