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[Espn] Mike Tirico Monday Night Football Preview (Concern Over Increasing # Of Knee Injuries)


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Mike Tirico previews Monday night's matchup between the Eagles and Redskins with Jon Gruden, Chris Mortensen and Stephania Bell.




Click on the link for the Pod Cast.


I thought the most interesting part of this pod cast was not related the Redskins/Eagles but it was the discussion over the new NFL rule changes that have been put in place over past few years to protect against head injuries...


Tirico is hinting that he is hearing rumbling from the players that they are at greater risk of ACL and knee related injuries as a result.  Some even suggesting that they rather get hit on the head instead of their knees, although Gruden correctly suggested that those comments are rather short sighted.


Gruden even speculating that maybe there might be rules that penalize players that go intentionally go after the knees during tackles...


Anyways I thought people will find it interesting...


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