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Madden Nfl 25 League (Xbox 360)

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(I did this last year and the mods said it was okay, if not please tow to the gaming subforum)

It's that time of the year again folks: We're recruiting sim style madden players to join us in our online connected franchise league. We've been at this for several years and we are a fun but no nonsense bunch. There are specific, guidelines regarding free agency, the draft, and trades, but for now read the brief intro to the Gameplay Guidelines below:


Sim Style (thumbs up):

  • Close to NFL game experience as possible (hurry up offense, 2 pt conversion, onside kicks only when appropriate)
  • Good use of entire playbook, mix up playcalling (man, zone, blitz, run, pass, play action, etc)
  • Fair play on 4th down (unless situation calls for going for it, ie: time running out or down multiple scores late in the game)
  • Spread the ball around on offense, not to just a single unstoppable player

Cheese Style (thumbs down):

  • Excessive no huddle
  • Excessive money plays
  • Use of known game exploits (ie: star WR at TE, nano blitzing, shake blitz, etc)
  • Unbalanced attack
  • General arcadey style of playing

We use existing coaches and rosters (no fantasy draft) with custom all madden sliders from Operation Sports.

We advance MWF, and do off season signings, trades, and rookie drafts. We prefer organized players who have a mic, it makes communication efficient.

If you're interested in joining us, send me a PM here or send an Xbox message to the commish Donjuan1208. Tons of teams still open, so act fast!


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Disclaimer: i am just an ambassador for this league, and I think the following trams are taken:








I'll double check with the commissioner in the morning

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Bump, still plenty of teams left as we close near to the Superbowl entering another off season.


Message Donjuan1208 on Xbox 360 if interested

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I am in this league. Very good league if anybody is looking for some comp...

I agree. We're still accepting new members even during the season, just message Donjuan1208 or Acemafia04 on xbox 360

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