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Favorite All Time Redskin: How Do You Decide?


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With the new season just around the corner I thought I would bring up a nice little discussion about how everyone chooses their Favorite All Time Redskin player.  Does it have to do with how they play? Your favorite Redskin memory? Their personality?  Their involvement in the community? A mixture of everything?


Its an interesting question.  It depends on your age and your preference for offense or defense.  Where you live and how you interact with your team.  Also the involvement of current players and social media definitely has an impact.


To illustrate, I can tell you about my progression throughout the years.  I was born in Rockville but moved to SoCal at a very young age.  My father was a big Redskin fan and I guess it just passed on to me.  Ive been a diehard since I first saw a Skins game in the mid 80s.  Joe Gibbs is ingrained as a messianic like figure in my mind.  Early on my favorite player was Darrell Green.  I loved our receivers, Monk, Sanders and Clark but Green's professionalism just did it for me.  He was my first Favorite Redskin.


That was until the early 90s and Mark Rypien.  That magical year where he just torched the NFL is something I will never forget.  Ryp was my favorite Redskin for almost the entire 90s and I missed him dearly when he left and had to suffer through Norv Turner's nightmare.


Mark Rypien remained my favorite Redskin for a long time.  His reign was challenged by LaVar Arrington.  A ridiculously athletic and explosive LB from Penn State.  All I saw was the Lavar leap and on draft day I was like a kid on christmas.  But then I saw an undisciplined player, and then finally a whining and bitter child leave and go to a bitter rival.  Lavar was dead to me.


Enter Sean Taylor.  Loved everything about him.  His athleticism.  His talent.  His savagery.  The guy was my Favorite Redskin almost immediately.  If anyone has ever read my posts you will know how crushed I was when he was taken.  He will always be 1A on my list.


So here I was absent a real Favorite Redskin.  Loved players like Ken Harvey, London Fletcher, Phillip Daniels, Clinton Portis, and Chris Cooley.  But their time and success with the Redskins was so limited that it was hard having a clear cut favorite.


RG3.  Approaching the draf last year all I wanted was RG3.  Andrew Luck? No thanks.  RG3 was new.  Dynamic.  Revolutionary.  The way he carried himself.  His charisma.  He not only could carry the team on his back, he could be the face of a franchise.  Michael Jordan if you will  


Its hard to fathom that only after one rookie year, RG3 is my favorite redskin of all time.  With such a storied franchise, numerous hall of famers and just outstanding human beings, its hard to imagine a player this quickly passing all of them by.  But then you watch him play, listen to him talk, and see his character and it just seems natural.  He is my favorite player... ever. 



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Sean has been since 2004 and always will be.


I'm not sure why your all-time favorite needs to be on the team now, though.  That kind of takes away from the "all-time" part of it.


It doesnt.  At all.  Im sure its different for everyone.  Just explaining how mine evolved through the years.

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I always loved guys like Fred Smoot and Marcus Washington. They weren't always the best players on the team, but they were tenacious/spunky, and played with a love for the game that was infectious. Washington was the type of guy that would knock the hell out of somebody, get up, and act like a 5 year old kid in the toy section.

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Reading your post reminded me of all the same memories I have...


MY ALL TIME Favorite Redskins are:

1A) Sean Taylor 

1) Darrell Green

3) The Posse


Favorite player NOW is Fletch... In fact my #59 jersey was delivered just this afternoon



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I started watching football intently when I was in 6th grade, the first season I watched all the games and started following stats was '99, oddly enough we were good that year (joke was on me for the next decade and a half!) and I suppose till this day my favorite position in football has been WR. Our best WR in '99 was Michael ****ing Westrbook. Looking back, he was a douche, but for my first season as a skins fan, he was my douche. Since we haven't really been relevant since '99 till now its hard to pick one guy as my fav redskin. I'm not old enough to really have appreciated Green. 


I thought Taylor was going to be great the year he got murdered, until then he seemed a bit hyped up so I never got attached to him until that season he really started showing signs. I think my favorite skins players ended up being guys I felt sorry for, like Samuels for one...OUTSTANDING player, he deserved to have been on a better roster. Same with Portis, and I guess looking back now, Moss. I wish RG III came around sooner :/ blast you momma/poppa griffin. 

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Great topic OP. 


My favorite All-Time Redskin without a doubt is Dexter Manley.  He is my favorite athlete, period.  I won't get long winded, but let's just say that meeting him is on my bucket list.  I really want to meet old 72!


Anyways, I played Left Tackle in high school, so I love our tradition of having strong Left Tackles.  


I follow them, but honestly, my favorite current player is Santana Moss.  The guy has been such a warrior for us....and not just in the Monday Night Miracle game.  I love Santana (and saying 'Tana for me just doesn't cut it) so much that when I realized he was the dude that fumbled on the goal line of our Revenge Game against the HATED Patriots -- I couldn't even get mad.  Of course I was pissed we lost to those barbarians, but ole 89 has done too much for DC through the lean years.  


Santana Moss should have his name enshrined in the Ring Of Fame.

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If you count coaches then Joe Gibbs is my favorite redskin hands down


My favorite players of all Time

Dexter Manley  [ I think i rooted harder for him to beat his demons]

Pat Fischer  [ pound for pound the toughest redskin]

Charlie Taylor [ best all around WR skins I have ever had]



this team its

Morris [ i only have 2 jerseys  Riggo and Morris]

Santana Moss [he has been heart and soul of this team since 2005]

Ryan Kerrigan [ lock him up this off season]


now best player of all time hands down is Sammy Baugh

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Great topic OP. 


My favorite All-Time Redskin without a doubt is Dexter Manley.  He is my favorite athlete, period.  I won't get long winded, but let's just say that meeting him is on my bucket list.  I really want to meet old 72! .....


When you catch up with the 'Secretary of Defense', arrange a night out. 


Then we can both die REAL happy. (And I mean literally given what Dex would have us do to excess on a night out with him.  :lol:.).



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I think its obvious who my fav player is/was (look at my sig)


The reason is, I went to every Redskins games as a kid , all the way up to my teenage years with my dad...and

after every game Dave Butz would run off of the field either with his kid on his shoulders, or running next to him carrying his dads helmet. So that always stuck in my head.


Dave had a strong bond with his son, I had a strong bond with my dad, so it was a good fit :)

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I remember a game where Dave Butz's son was standing on the sideline holding his dad's helmet by the facemask with both hands like a water bucket. It was so big and he was so small (comparatively) The commentators commented on it too. I don't know why but that's stuck with me all these years and for some reason that's made him my favorite player a;; time. Dumb reason? yeah maybe. But it is what it is


Wow just saw the post above mine. Coincidence....

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Picking just one? Like eating one potato chip.....


It would have to be John Riggins. From Riggo's Rangers to telling Sandra Day O'Conner to loosen up baby, he kept you laughing off the field, and heads rolling on the field. The man was an absolute beast on the field, he ran people over. He did have a great offensive line in front of him, but there is a reason they made him an honorary hog and Joey T a piglet........Also loved the answer he gave a reporter why he didn't do a dance or have any celebration after he scored a touchdown. His answer was simple, " act like you've been there before."


OK, I can't say just one....


Dave Butz


Art Monk

Sean Taylor

Darrell Green



Sooo many more



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Obviously, my name answers that question; however, I could hyphenate that by putting Riggo's name as well. In reality, those two are neck and neck for me as my favorites of all time. I could make a case for many others especially those from the Gibbs I era. Charging fast now, of course, is Robert, who may shatter all of our favorites if he fulfills all of his potential and expectations.

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What, no love for stalwarts of the Norv era like Marc Boutte, Shar Pourdanesh, or Romeo Bandison? :P


Sonny is probably the most legendary Skin due to his continued media presence close to 40 years after he retired; however, he was in his twilight as a player when I became a Skins fan. I'd agree with Marydu and go with Joey T as well....took over from Sonny/Billy, perservered thru a few lean years, and led us to back-to-back Super Bowl appearances, including one ring. 


But there's a chance "Subway Bob" Griffin will become the all-time dude.

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I think a lot of this has to do with how old you are and when you started coherently understanding football at a "high" level.


If for me this was the early 80's it'd probs be Riggo.  If it was 60's and 70's it'd be Sonny.


Unfortunately for me it was 2000 on up.


So my best childhood (mind you I'm 20 now) memories were of guys like Chris Cooley, Clinton Portis, and Sean Taylor.  For me those were "the guys" because no matter how much the teams they played on were garbage they still represented my city and they made some damn good Eastern Motors Commercials.  For that they'll always have a special place in my heart.


Remember that 2005 "5 in a row or we don't go" led by Scott Brunell and Portis to get us into the paloffs?  What about the fumble recovery by #21 against Philly where he dives into the endzone?  I have better memories of that team then I do of the 2012 squad because of where I was in my life at the time.


Honestly the Gibbs II era was really special for me because I haven't seen much better.


Hopefully Robert and the Butler can change all that :)

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To answer the question on how I pick a favorite player, I go by their play on the field and their off field personalities and behaviors. My list of all time favorite players is quite long because I've been a fan since the 60's. If I had to choose just one, I'd go with Art Monk. He was great on the field and a class act off the field. RGIII is my current favorite, but I have to mention London, Rak, Garcon and Kai too.

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For me, it's extremely easy.  I have a favorite player, it's always been that player, and I believe that it will always be that player: Art Monk.


To me, he's everything I would want in a football player. Solid. Talented.  Dependable.  Classy. He didn't make a fuss about anything.  He just went out and did his job.  He wasn't flashy.  He wasn't spectacular.  But in his own way, he was just perfect.


You could do a lot worse than having Art Monk on your team.


And as a dovetailed point, probably the most proud moment I have ever felt as a 'Skins fan was the ovation that Monk got when he was inducted into the hall of fame.  Still gets me choked up.  


I have other guys I really like.  I own both a Jacoby and Grimm jersey.  Dexter was crazy, and I loved him for it.  There were not a lot of guys in the 90's, but I really liked Stephen Davis.  In the 00's, it was Sean Taylor.  


And now, there are a number of guys I really like.  Robert, Alfred, Barry, London, Pierre.  Ryan Kerrigan is making a push.


But, for me, in the end, my favorite will always be Art Monk. 

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Art Monk.


The #1 play that I remember as a fan when I think of favorite all time players or plays was the 40 yard catch he had in Superbowl 22. If you don't know what I am referring to then check here at the 46:36 mark




At this point in the game you have to context this with where we are as a team and in the game. The last time the Redskins were in the Superbowl we were destroyed in Superbowl 18 by the Raiders. The organization had gone through some hard times - Theismann injury, questions about this teams starting QB and RB, questions about Joe Gibbs, not to mention we were starting the first African American QB to ever play in the Superbowl who was already knocked out of the game due to injury.


The point in the game when that happen is important as well. The Redskins were already down 10 to nothing. It was 3rd down and 16 yards to go and we were backed up deep in our end zone. The game was getting away from us and the team was dejected. The Broncos were averaging 17 yards a play on every first down. Our offense, defense, and special teams were getting steam rolled on every level of the game and couldn't do anything right. Images of the Raiders game were surrounding the team. John Elway was looking unstoppable then Art Monk's play happened. 


That single moment in time was the spark and clutch play that ignited this team and led us to victory. When it happened the team's light bulb came on and we went on to snatch victory from certain defeat. The rest of what happened in that one game are well known, 5 TD's in the 2nd quarter and our second NFL title. What isn't always known is how it happened.


Art Monk is in my opinion the clutchest player to ever wear the uniform turned this game around and helped us to victory in Superbowl 22. Art Monk's catch in that game embodies what I think about when I think about the 1980's Redskins teams legacy. 

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