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Space Launch Visible From Dc And Most Of The Area Tonight


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A Minotaur rocket carrying a lunar orbiter is being launched tonight from Wallops Island, down near Chincoteague.  Optimal launch time is 11:27 to 11:31 PM.

With the sky as clear as it is now, it should be very easy to see.


The link shows a lot of vantage points around DC, and shows exactly where to look in the sky in relation to them.


It supposedly can be seen all up and down the northeast, so check it out.


Here is the real-time coverage on NASA tv




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Wonder why there?  As I understand it, it's much more efficient to launch, the closer you are to the equator.  (That's part of the reason why KSC is located where it is.) 


Guess I'm not a rocket scientist.  :)

doesn't really matter with todays rockets and KSC 's schedule gets backed up.

been a whole lotta launches from Wallop(and private,so you can slip the deathray in (evil grin))



they are proposing a spaceport down the road from me at Ellington which is kinda cool

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Frog photobombs NASA launch

A small frog hopping along on Virginia's eastern shore last Friday (Sept. 6) got more than it bargained for when it photobombed NASA's launch of the new moon-bound LADEE spacecraft at Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Va. In fact, the launch sent the small creature sky-high and you see the frog photobomb image here


A remote camera triggered by the roar of the Minotaur V rocket blasting off into space captured an image of the frog being flung into the air and NASA officials confirmed that it is a real image.



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