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Gizmodo: The Cold War Bunker That Offered Subterranean Suburbia Below Las Vegas


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Pretty cool.....though the lack of sunlight and an internet connection would be a problem. 



The Cold War Bunker That Offered Subterranean Suburbia Below Las Vegas


The real estate listing for 3970 Spencer St. shows a foreclosed two-bedroom on a suburban street east of the Las Vegas Strip. That's nothing remarkable in Vegas, which has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country, but this house is special: It's 25 feet underground. A high-end fallout shelter built in secret, it's a small monument to the Cold War—as well as the dream of post-War suburbia in the American west.

Accessed through a shed or cave on the site of the unremarkable vacant lot above it, 3970 Spencer boasts all the comforts of suburban life in Las Vegas, circa the late 1960s: A heated pool (with a water fountain), a four-hole putting course, jacuzzis, a bar, and a dance floor. Then there are more unusual features, like the sky control system—a dimmer that can be set to "morning," "dusk," or "night," which activates the "stars" embedded in the ceiling. Just above them, a thick concrete shell protects this perfect suburban simulacra from impending nuclear doom.


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