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It's that time of the year again! 


I'm trying to get a watch party together between all 230 Redskins Training Camp Ambassadors and all the kind folk over here at ES!


So, I need to find out if there is enough interest in getting together to watch the Eagles vs Redskins game this upcoming Monday at Bailey's Pub and Grille in the southside. It's a large venue with big screen TV's, sound, pool, darts, shuffleboard, great food, and lots of beer.

I've talked to management and they will be able to provide us with our own room and free dinner buffet if we can get at least 30 to 40 people together.


So let me know if any of y'all want to join in and watch the Eagles get their ass kicked! Bring all your friends and family too so we can get this place rockin'! 


Bailey's Pub & Grille

11581 Robious Road

Richmond, VA 23235


1. HA1LV1CT0RY (4 friends)

2. Redskins Ambassadors TBD

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Nice idea and thanks for organizing this. I'm in Fredericksburg, but will keep an eye out for other games (especially AWAY games as I am a STH). I am a former Richmonder and my wife would not mind going to Short Pump or Carytown during the game.

No problem Mark. Didn't you make it up to one of the ones in the past at Mulligans?

Definitely keep in touch if you make one, I'm trying to make this a every game thing.

Also, so far we have about 20 people going if you're on the fence.

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