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Dns Question!


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QQ (i hope)


I have a client who is going to utilize some virtual route management software.  The need VRM.company.com to point to example.company.com.


In DNS, should I create a CNAME for VRM and point it to example.company.com?  Or should I create a host file for VRM and point it to the server IP address where example.company.com is located?


It looks like the previous IT company created multiple aliases for abc123.company.com.  They all redirect to www.company.com successfully.  I have tried creating an alias and also host for VRM...but when typing it in the browser it's just page not found.


Suggestions?  Thanks!

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Amateur network tech, here.  But what I would do, first, is see if the DNS is resolving correctly. 


I'd go to a command prompt, and PING whatever.company.com. 


Even if the server is configured to not respond to ping requests, the command will still tell you something like: 


Pinging whatever.company.com ( . . .


In short, it will tell you if the DNS is successfully turning your host name into an IP address. 


If it's resolving correctly, then your next question is "why is the web server not responding to requests for this web page?" 

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