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Favorite Songs From The 90's


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It would take awhile to narrow down.  Right now though, I'd just like to apologize to the 90's.  I should have appreciated you more.  I grew up in you, starting middle school in fall 1992 and graduating high school in spring 1998.  Just prime to enjoy everything you had to offer.  And much of it, I did.  I have tons of CD's from your decade, from the Chili Peppers, Alice in Chains, Metallica, Pearl Jam, STP, and tons of others.


But my father played a lot of "oldies" and I really enjoyed that music.  I also really enjoyed the goofiness of 80's music, and for the longest time, I basically said the 90's sucked.  In my defense, a lot of that opinion was formed by homecoming/prom memories that were dominated by techno music and godawful **** like the Macarena, or the more in your face rap music that I didn't really enjoy.  Looking back, I really didn't give 90's music the appreciation it deserved.  Hell, I even almost miss pre-internet rituals like having to drive over to Bailey's Crossroads to find the one ****ing music shop (Waxi Maxi) that sold tickets to shows at Merriweather.

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This should be a fun thread.


Just as a heads up, I'm going to post a ton of songs, mostly as they occur to me.  I'm thinking I'll organize it by band.


For no particular reason, I'm gonna start with a few Cake songs.  I love all of Fashion Nugget and Prolonging the Magic.  But some hits:


Friend is a Four Letter Word (1996)



Never There (1998)



Satan Is My Motor (1998)


Eric B & Rakim - Don't Sweat The Technique (1992)


The Fugees - Ooh La La La (1995)


Bone Thugs N Harmony - Tha Crossroads (1996) (Lyrics might be NSFW)


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The song Long day by Matchbox 20 was one of my favorites. It is amazing how certain songs just take you right back to that year. I remember when Back 2 Good came out by them and it reminds me of the Summer of 1999 playing basketball with one of my buddies and we had the boombox playing while we were going at it on the court and that song was playing. Soul Asylum Runaway train takes me right to the Summer of 1993. I had my Walkman on while riding my bike and that song would play all the time that summer.

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I think a lot of The Offspring songs I liked as a kid held up fairly well. A lot better than I expected anyway.

These are from Smash:

Come Out And Play (1994)


Self Esteem (1994)

I loved Ix Nay on the Hombre and Americana too as a kid, but don't want to spam the thread with Offspring songs. I like the Kids Aren't Alright & Gone Away & All I Want. They were tuneful and angsty.

(Alice In Chains - Nutshell

Good one. My Aunt got me Dirt on Cassette for my 8th birthday LOL. Apparently she went into a record store, having no idea what to get me, so she just asked the clerk what the kids are listening to this day. He must have thought she meant for someone a good deal older than a third grader. I had precocious taste though, and I loved that album.

Another one I like from them is Rooster.

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