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Rgiii, Redskins Players In Costume For ‘Island’ Theme Party


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Over under on some poster complaining about the team losing focus on the Fecals.

hard to give an over under on that but ill go with 3 to 1 odds.


actually i love seeing this stuff, i haven't seen this type of chemistry from a redskins team in a very long time and i cant get enough of it.


Theres no way of knowing for sure, but its a pretty good bet it will help them play good football once the season starts.

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every year i try to taper my enthusiasm so that if the skins don't succeed i have less distance to fall emotionally but im finding it harder than ever to do it this year.

Yeah, I'll be crushed if we're mediocre this year. I've resigned myself to that.


Feels great :)

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