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Hello From Blighty!


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HTTR! And greetings from England!


My 31st year as a Hog - and I'm very excited! This year, I bought the full NFL Game Pass option and watched all 4 pre-season games.


I think we're going to be MEAN! We're not quite elite, but we're going to be a handful for many teams. Just keep winning games... and see what happens!


I hope you guys and gals in America realise the Skins have a fair fan-base, the other side of the Atlantic?! The Skins are my team and with RG3 at the helm, anything is possible. This kid is freaking awesome... just hope Coach Shanahan doesn't use him as a wide receiver this year. RG3.. if you're reading this... GET RID OF THAT BALL PAL. We don't want you injured again this year. GET RID OF IT. There's always another set of downs (usually)... and save that awesome athletic talent for the do-or-die games (usually play-off time).


The Skins this year look decent all-round. The D is a little concern, with some issues, but on the whole, a solid bunch. I'm very impressed with Nick Williams, and hope he can make special teams? Good to see London Fletcher for another season. Is this man indestructable?!!! What a warrior!


I said on these forums Coach Shanahan is a winner. He IS going to bring the good days back. The man only knows how to win. He's strengthened the OL, the running game has depth, our receivers are getting better, he's kept the talent on D, such as Fletcher, Kerrigan, Cofield et al., And we have brilliant kickers in Forbath, Savva and now a decent (possibly) return man in Williams.


DAMN! I love this team! I see we have THEM December 22nd in Washington DC? Make my Christmas BURGUNDY AND GOLD boys, and kick their Cowboy butts back to Texas! I'm looking forward to that game already.


I predict another good season here folks. I wish you all well in America, and look forward to KO!


HTTR! Let's get 'em. All of them. And I want us to do the double over the Giants this year, because they've always been a thorn in our side.


Warm Regards,





PS. I'm worried about name-changes for our beloved Skins. But if they do force us, what about WASHINGTON_REDS_KINS. Yeah, the 'kins' don't sound right, but we'd still be the Skins and nobody could complain? Or would they? Oh well, we're the Skins for this season at least!



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Hey,another skin here in england.

this is my 28th year supporting the skins.Started when i was 8 yr old,tbh i cant remember much obviously,but i got my first jersey(monk) and that was it,i was sold.

As i got older and understood this great game,my love for the burgundy and gold grew.To now where i cant miss a game and have had plenty of days at work with just 2 hours sleep under my belt.haha


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