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Coaching Confusion


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WOW! Looks like the blind is leading the bilnd in the Coaching department. Why would you consider changing to a 3-4 defense when IMO the defense doesn't need a complete overhaul, incredible. What we have here is a failure to tinker the 4-3 defense to generate pressure, period. At this point of the season, you defintely wouldn't want to confuse the players anymore than what they already are:laugh: .

The defense was drilled in the old Marvin Lewis system, and what Jackson did was add his personal touch to the current system. Now! if that tinkering doesn't seem to be working out as planned, it should have never been fiddled with in the first place. Looks to me like Jackson is caught between a rock and a hard place and trying to find anything to salvage the defense. But hopefully we won't witness the defense playing in confusion trying to adjust to the 3-4 defense almost 8 to10 games into the season. Well 6-7 to be exact. If your the DC, you don't change your entire system and have the players thinking you don't know exactly what your doing. Most Coordinators stick to their guns and make adjustments and have players believe in what he's doing. Not changing the entire scheme to a 3-4.

Also what we're witnessing is the defense possibly being worn out from all the 3 and outs from the offense, and being on the field for long periods of time. What we do need is possibly a better rotation starting with ladarius Jackson and more schemes to get the LB, Safetys and CB into more blitz situations and packages.

Better Yet! the offense needs to be tampered with and start playing a more balled control offense to keep the defense fresher.

When the head Coach agrees with the defense C. to possibly switch to a 3-4 defense almost 10 games into the season, either he or both coaches are in limbo on fixing the problem:laugh:

Question, how many coaches and teams can you think of that makes such a drastic change so late into the season? Yes! 6-7 games into the season is kinda late when you spend the entire pre-season preparing your players to play 4-3 and the previuous year as well. Shoot, it took the defense half the year if not most of the season last year to learn the Marvin Lewis system, unbelievable.

I guess also Steve Spurrier's getting a case of Amnesia when it comes to the defects lingering in his offense of system and that's a majority of the problem.

If your offense can't sustain drives, constant penalties, jumping offsides and screwing up the audibles, blowing timeouts and bad clock management and not to mention getting your pilots head constantly knocked off. Shoot, It would make any defense of player leary of the system that's being ran and start losing focus during games.

It all starts with the coaching staff gaining the players confidence, and if your not putting the players in situations to succeed during miserable times. Than the players start questioning the calls and wondering if they're being put in a position to win rather than lose. Players notice coaching defects just like fans.

That's why Samuels, Jansen and some of the other players are starting to make mental mistakes and their the players thats been around since Spurrier got here. They start losing confidence and not focusing like they should or been doing in the past . Then the players start becoming timid of making mistakes and start making rookie mistakes.

The same problems were going on when Marty was here, until they had a players coaches meeting to express there concerns. But the most obvious thing that took place during the Marty era was running Stephen Davis. Once they started running Stephen Davis and playing ball control football better, the whole team started playing better, and the defense wasn't tiring out quickly and overall started playing better defense.

These 2 coaches don't have a clue or much experience, and their both learning on the job:doh: . But what's making it even more funnier is that you have Danny Snyder watching film giving his 2 cents as well.

Yea! I guess Danny's given his input on how to tinker with the systemsand what to changes need to be made. No wonder the ships sinkiing fast:laugh: .

Overall, what we have here are coaches learning on the job, and Jackson got the job because the players loved him and wanted him around. Well! just becaused your liked by the players doesn't constitute your coaching abilities. WellI guess the players told Jackson as well to switch to the 3-4 defense and Spurrier agreed to it. With Danny in the background nodding his head:hump:

Just don't expect any miracles any time soon. It's on the job training, and the blinds leading the blind.

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The defense was drilled in the old Marvin Lewis, and what Jackson did was add his personal touch to the current system
Hue Jackson is running our defense. Problem solved guys!! Ask Edwards to start coaching our defense.:laugh: :laugh: .....Seriously,the reason our defense has slipped is due to the loss on the D-line(D.Gardener) and our failure to draft any talent there the past decade or so. Everyone here admitted that the D-line was our weakness going into this season yet somehow fans are amazed to realize that it is true. Face it,until it gets upgraded,we are what we are on defense.:(
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