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Question: Where Can I Watch Games Online?


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First row is decidedly not legal. But I really don't feel badly about it given the dearth of legal options.


Also, if you happen to be in the UK, they have a football broadcast on one of the soccer channels.


No bars abroad in the area that have it on? Might be more fun that way anyway (or not if people are not paying attention and distracting from the game).

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I am actually working overseas half of the time and getting a quality streaming feed overseas is actually easier than trying to get it in the USA.  Crazy!


If you are overseas, the official NFL.com site actually provides you with very reasonable deal to watch the games online, in HD, and live.  I just recently watching the last Redskins game live in my hotel room in Thailand and then just rewatched the same game last night here in Angola. 


Google "NFL Gamepass".  You get 3 pricing options.  $99 option gives you all pre/regular season games for a single NFL team.  $129 option gives you games for all of the teams.  However if you want to get the playoffs and Super Bowl games as well then you need to buy the $200 option.  You are definitely getting screwed over for the playoff games but hey it is still MUCH MUCH better option than what is being offered to us in the USA via exclusive deal with DirecTV.



People in the USA that is interested... Google "NFL gamepass VPN".  Dont want to get into details here.  However if you are willing to invest 10-15 mins of your time then you might figure out that NFL gamepass could be had for free if you had VPN.


For me, I took that $129 option as it works best for me and at least I don't feel like I am stealing.  :-)


oh and you get it streamed to your iphone and iPAD as well.  Its great!

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Pick up a copy of Madden Anniversary edition and you can get the directtv nfl package for computer/mobile for free.  No need to switch/be a directtv customer.  I ended grabbing this since I had trouble getting directtv at my place.  Not sure if being outside the US affects this at all.

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again if you are outside the country... it is really a no brainer decision to just buy the NFL Game Pass from NFL.com.


Just watched last night's preseason game live in HD.  Just of sucked that I had to listen to the Buffalo telecast but still it was great.  Steve Tasker is one angry dude.. He kept going off on the refs and various thing.  Not too professional as a booth guy IMHO.  Tasker had a huge problem with Forbath taking that 50 yard practice kick.  He suggested that Buffalo ST should also take practice hit at the kicker to make him pay for taking the practice kick.  At least, Tasker gave Forbath credit for taking that advantageous practice kick if he can get away with it.

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So I finally get Comcast on the phone yesterday, trying to understand why the CSN Network that carries all Redskins stuff isn't included in my sports package. 

She was a Redskins fan from Woodbridge, so she was totally trying to figure it out for me...on the "guide", it always has "Redskins Nation" listed, etc., and was showing last night's game...then she comes back on & tells me that it's just a college sports channel, blah, blah...and then tries to send the signal through to my box.  It didn't work.  :angry:

Does anyone know anything more about this?  She said I might have to have a tech come out(no prob, just get me my Skins games!) :lol:



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Bumping the thread to see if anybody had any links for this weeks game.

Cowboys are on Fox same time as the Skins so we are blocked out down here.


Since last week was national broadcast, dont imagine too many people here needed to stream.


Sucks that NFL game pass is for only overseas, as I would gladly pay the $99 to watch the Skins on NFL network.

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