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Disabled Veterans: Amazing Tickets To A Redskins Game

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Hey folks, it's that time of year again. I am willing to part with my Dream Seats in Section 6--which are literally at the intersection of the Redskins tunnel and the field.


There's a lot of craziness that goes into this. I was wounded during combat operations in Iraq back in 2005. I sincerely do this out of the respect I have for my fellow wounded. I am trying very hard to reserve these for other wounded veterans. I can't put on a uniform anymore, but I see this as a way to continue to serve. If you are a wounded veteran, or know of one that would like to come out to a game, please reach out. Not every game is available, but if you let me know well in advance, I can work with you (I have a die-hard friend that usually takes the other ticket--you might have seen us on the big-screen, or on TV).



(President Bush awarded me the Purple Heart at Walter Reed in the summer of 2005)



  • I am really trying to reserve this for wounded veterans only. This is not to say others are not just as worthy, but it is the restriction I am putting on my gift.
  • You'll have to endure one of the most eccentric fans in the stadium: me. I get fully-dressed up, I go wild, and I almost always lose consciousness from screaming (kidding). If you can't handle a huge personality, this might not be the opportunity for you.
  • I have the worst potty-mouth, trust me, but not at games. Regardless of who we are playing, or how good/poorly we are doing, I never shout explicitives, or denegrade other patrons, players, or officials. I expect the same of my guest (booing is okay). One unexpected byproduct of me getting geared up is that the kids tend to look up to you. I don't want to disappoint. Besides, it's against the code-of-conduct.

Beer is on me in the Purple lot just prior to the game. And by beer, I mean plenty of ;)


Anyways. Let me know if you qualify, or know someone that qualifies.



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